Lagos State Government Issues Urgent Drowning Prevention Advisory

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In light of the recent tragic incidents of drowning in State, the Lagos State Government is issuing an urgent advisory to all public facilities, including beaches and swimming pools, to adhere strictly to the Lagos State Swimming Pool Regulations of 2021. This measure is to ensure the safety of all residents and visitors engaging in aquatic activities.

The Director General, Safety Commission,Mr. Lanre Mojola, at the weekend, disclosed that reported cases of increase in drowning incidents, with quantum loss of lives in the past few weeks, is unimaginable.

These unfortunate events have occurred across various locations, including hotel swimming pools, beaches, and the lagoon.

The government extends its deepest condolences to the families of the victims and is committed to preventing further loss of life.

According to him, the Lagos State Swimming Pool Regulations was established to create a sustainable safety culture, outline critical safety policies, standards, and practices key provisions which includes the presence of trained lifeguards, proper signages, incident reporting protocols, and restrictions on alcohol usage and fire around pool areas.

He noted that it is imperative for all operators of public swimming facilities to comply with these regulations to prevent further incidences.

He said the government urges facility operators to:

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Ensure the presence of certified lifeguards during operational hours.
Display clear safety rules and emergency procedures.
Conduct regular safety audits and maintenance checks.
Provide appropriate safety equipment, including first aid kits.
Enforce strict adherence to safety guidelines by all patrons.

He declared that the Lagos State Government is taking proactive steps to enforce these regulations and will not hesitate to apply penalties to any facility found in violation. The safety of our citizens and visitors is of utmost importance, and we must all work together to prevent drowning and ensure a safe environment for aquatic activities.

For more information on the Lagos State Swimming Pool Regulations and safety tips, please visit the Lagos State Safety Commission’s website on Whistle blowers should escalate any unsafe practices or infractions to 07000SAFETY

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