Security Agencies Uncover Yoruba Nation Agitators’ Hideout

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The Oluyole Security Surveillance Team has made a significant breakthrough in uncovering the hideout of alleged Yoruba Nation agitators.

Following recent attacks by these agitators at the Oyo State government secretariat, security operatives thwarted their plans as they attempted to relocate to another area.

Despite donning camouflage uniforms, their suspicious movements were detected by the OSS team, prompting swift action that led to the discovery.

Coordinator of the OSS team, Comrade Idowu, promptly alerted other security agencies, including the Sanyo police station, upon receiving information about the whereabouts of the agitators. Acting on the provided intelligence, the police swiftly organized and apprehended the suspects as they attempted to transport their weaponry from Sanyo to an undisclosed location.

This operation also led to the discovery of another hideout of alleged Yoruba Nation agitators in the Shagari area. All confiscated weapons and items are being held at the police station for further investigation and as evidence against the agitators.

This successful sting operation highlights the collaborative efforts of security agencies in Oyo State to maintain peace and orderliness, ensuring that the state’s reputation as a beacon of peace and progress is upheld.”

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