Adopt Islamic Rulings As The Nigerian Constitution – Sarki To FG

Sarki, a Nigerian activist, also known as Waspapping, has urged the Nigerian government to abandon democracy in favour of Islamic ruling.

Sarki stated that embracing Islamic principles could effectively address the nation’s myriad challenges.

Expressing his views via his official X account, Sarki emphasized the potential benefits of implementing Islamic rulings within the Nigerian constitutional framework. He asserted that such a move would lead to the swift resolution of the country’s pressing issues.

According to Sarki, the Quran holds the key to resolving Nigeria’s problems, and he urged the nation’s elites to demonstrate the courage to implement Islamic governance.

He wrote: “All our problems would suddenly dissipate if we were to abandon democracy and adopt Islamic rulings as the Nigerian constitution.”


Every solution to our problems lies within the Quran. We just need to be willing to implement it.”

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