Disclaimer: EFCC- Grill NSCDCCommandant General Over Alleged Corruption

Our attention has been drawn to the said story published today and captioned above in which due diligence, objectivity and fairness was not carried out before publishing i.e we were unable to reach the management of NSCDC for their own side of the story, for fair reportage and as a result we have decided to pull the story down as we found out that it was a deliberate smear campaign by mischievous mischief makers who are hellbent to tarnish the hard earned reputation of the Commandant General by the purveyors of the story line. Any publishing outfit that has taken or copied the said story from us should therefore be warned as we would not be liable for defamation as a result of the story and therefore absolve our medium whatsoever. We regret the inconveniences this story will have caused the Commandant General and NSCDC management.
Signed Management, Akelicious

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