Open Letter To The Governor Of Akwa Ibom State


SUBJECT: Enhancing Food Sufficiency in Akwa Ibom State: A Call to Empower Local Government Councils and Develop Food Processing Industries in the State.

I hope this letter finds you in good health and high spirits.

As a concerned citizen deeply committed to the progress and prosperity of our dear State, I am compelled to use this medium to share some insights and recommendations aimed at enhancing food sufficiency in our State.

I commend your unprecedented dedication to the well-being of our people together with your administration’s efforts to prioritize agriculture as a fundamental pillar of our economic development. However, I believe there is tremendous potential to amplify these efforts by empowering our Local Government Councils with comprehensive training programs and access to modern agricultural machinery.

First and foremost, I propose the implementation of comprehensive training programs for professionals within each Local Government Council. By harnessing the expertise of Agronomists, Soil Scientists, Agricultural Engineers, and other relevant professionals, we can develop tailored strategies to optimize food production based on the specific soil types and climatic conditions prevalent in each Local Government across our State.

These training initiatives should encompass a wide range of topics, including modern farming techniques, sustainable agricultural practices, crop diversification, and post-harvest management. By equipping our Local Government Professionals with the latest knowledge and skills, we can enhance their capacity to support farmers and drive agricultural innovation at the grassroots level.

I implore your administration to prioritize the provision of modern agricultural machinery and equipment to Local Government Councils. Tractors, Plows, Harvesters, Irrigation Systems, and other mechanized tools can significantly increase the efficiency and productivity of farming operations, enabling farmers to cultivate larger areas of land and achieve higher yields.

Furthermore, I propose a strategic focus on crop diversification and the promotion of improved varieties that are well-suited to the unique agro-ecological conditions of each Local Government Area. By collaborating with agricultural experts, research institutions and seed companies, we can identify high-yielding, climate-resilient crop varieties that will thrive in Akwa Ibom State’s unique agricultural landscape and microclimates.

In line with these efforts, I believe it is essential to explore the establishment of food processing factories in the near future. By adding value to our agricultural produce through processing and packaging, we can create additional income streams for farmers, reduce post-harvest losses, and meet the growing demand for processed foods in Local and International markets.

My Dear Governor, by empowering our Local Government Councils and fostering the growth of agro-industrial enterprises with training, machinery, and improved crop varieties, we can achieve sustainable food security and economic prosperity for all residents of Akwa Ibom State and generations to come. I implore you to consider these recommendations and continue your unwavering commitment to the advancement of our agricultural sector and support grassroots development.

Our dear state is blessed with very fertile land mass and hardworking/dedicated people. I have no doubt that this initiative will not only ensure food sufficiency but will also provide direct and indirect employment to our teaming unemployed/underemployed youths and also discourage rural to urban migration.

Thank you for your steadfast leadership, dedicated service and commitment to the welfare of our people. Together, we can build a brighter future for Akwa Ibom State, where every citizen has access to abundance of nutritious food and opportunities for prosperity. I look forward to witnessing the positive impact of your leadership on our journey towards a more food-sufficient and prosperous Akwa Ibom State.

Yours sincerely,
Sir Engr. Victor Umoren, JP
From Ikot Ekpene L.G.A.

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