FERMA List Reasons For Failed Roads In Nigeria


The Managing Director of the Federal Roads Maintenance Agency (FERMA), Dr Chukwuma Agbasi, has highlighted the major cause of failed roads in Nigeria.

Speaking during a seminar organized by the Bureau of Public Service Reforms (BPSR) in Abuja yesterday, Agbasi highlighted the issue of inadequate maintenance and funding allocated to both major and minor road networks in Nigeria.

According to him, the lack of sufficient funding has resulted in the deterioration of these roads.

Akelicious reports that the seminar, titled ‘Road Infrastructure: Plans and Priorities of FERMA viz-a-viz the President’s Renewed Hope Agenda’, provided a platform for discussing the challenges faced by FERMA in maintaining and improving the country’s road infrastructure.

“The failure of road networks in Nigeria has many reasons and one of them is lack of provision for maintenance of the roads. Not paying attention to the maintenance of the roads leads to their failure,” the FERMA boss stated.

Agbasi also highlighted the pressing requirement to tackle the deteriorating road conditions across the entire country in order to prevent further decline.

He observed that the irregular weather patterns, worsened by climate change, contribute to unforeseen road damages.

Furthermore, he mentioned that the improper utilization of road infrastructure, such as illegal dumping, unregulated parking, and petroleum spills, hastens the wear and tear process.

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He acknowledged that vehicles exceeding the specified weight limit of 11 tonnes in Nigeria also add strain to the roads, exacerbating the situation.

He expressed that efforts are being made to enhance FERMA’s operational funding and establish collaborative partnerships with international road agencies.

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