EFCC Gets Serious With Currency Abuse Offenders


On the 16th of February, 2024, I wrote a piece on the newfangled culture where our money youths spew currency notes in the air and dance on them. And this brazen breach of the law happens right in front of those who are supposed to enforce it. In fact, they act as their security escorts.
Bobrisky, the Lagos socialite has been made a scapegoat. Arraigned before the court by EFCC, he earned the maximum jail term of 6 months with no option of fine. Cubana Chief Priest appears to be the next on the line. Who knows who will be the next.

One very obvious fall out from this is that it has modulated the manner in which people appreciate (spray) their hosts, celebrants, entertainers, etc. People are more circumspect. Rather than fling wads of cash in the air, it is now common to see event videos where people flip out their phones to transfer money to celebrants and musicians or drop the physical cash in a receptacle placed by those the money is meant for.

Some measure of sanity is beginning to return to circles of the rich young socialites. That is the purpose of the law and its enforcement.

Some people have argued the ‘spraying’ money is part of our culture. As a student of history I’ve not read of anywhere our forebears threw cowries in the air. Even in recent history when the culture creeped into our social events, it was done within the confines of civility and decency.

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