Nollywood actress, Yvonne Jegede, Sam Olatunji slam Angela Okorie for beefing Mercy Johnson

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Filmmaker, Sam Olatunji and Nollywood actress, Yvonne Jegede strongly criticize Angela Okorie for her accusations against her colleague, Mercy Johnson, and her late mother.

Angela had alleged that it was time for Mercy Johnson to face consequences, accusing her mother of practising witchcraft.

She claimed that the actress’s late mother had a habit of manipulating people’s destinies, and now that she’s deceased, Angela Okorie questioned the fate of those affected by such actions.

In response, Sam Olatunji questioned how the actress reached her allegations while urging her followers to check her mental well-being.

He suggested that she might be experiencing a mental breakdown despite people perceiving her as behaving harshly.

Sam pointed out Angela’s tendency to call out others while portraying herself as flawless, advising her to introspect and reassess her mental health.

In his words;

“How do you come to the conclusion that somebody’s mother is a witch if you aren’t in a witch yourself? Better check on your favs; some of them are having mental breakdowns, and we think they are being ‘bitches’.

You called everyone out, but you are the one with the most perfect character…my sis, go check yourself in and re-evaluate your mental state…you are already a ‘goner’!”

Agreeing with Sam, Yvonne Jegede agreed with him while emphasizing how Angela sees herself as a Nollywood police officer for other actors.

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Abi o. They are Nollywood police,” she wrote.

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