Dear Engr. Anayo Onwuegbu, Wake Up

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By :Sebastine Chukwuebuka Okafor.

Since the inception of unity schools in Nigeria, they have played a pivotal role in fostering national integration and providing quality education across the country. However, the distribution of these schools in Enugu State, particularly in the Enugu West Senatorial Zone, paints a picture of glaring educational disparity.

With 109 unity schools spread across the 36 states of the federation, it is disheartening to note that Enugu West lags behind with only two federal unity schools. While neighboring states like Imo, Ebonyi, Anambra, and Abia boast three federal unity schools each, Enugu West is left with a mere two.

The absence of a federal government college in Enugu West, specifically in the Awgu/Aninri/Oji River Federal Constituency, underscores a significant oversight in educational planning and development. This neglect is particularly alarming considering the importance of education in driving socio-economic growth and empowering future generations.

It is imperative to address this educational imbalance and bridge the gap in access to quality education. The responsibility falls on the shoulders of our elected representatives, including you, Engr. Anayo Onwuegbu, who represents the Awgu/Aninri/Oji River Federal Constituency.

Since assuming office, your record on educational initiatives leaves much to be desired. There has been a noticeable lack of proactive measures aimed at addressing the educational needs of our constituency. Despite the glaring disparity in the distribution of federal unity schools, no bill or motion has been sponsored by you to rectify this situation.

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It is time for you to step up and fulfill your duty to the people you represent. As a matter of urgency, you must initiate a Bill for the establishment of a federal government college in Aninri to complement the existing slots in Enugu State. This move will not only enhance access to quality education for our youth but also promote equitable development across the senatorial zone.

We cannot afford to continue neglecting the educational needs of our community. Education is the cornerstone of progress and prosperity, and it is high time our elected representatives prioritize this fundamental aspect of our society.

I hereby urge you, Engr. Anayo Onwuegbu, to heed this call to action and take concrete steps towards addressing the educational disparity in Enugu West. The establishment of a federal government college in Aninri is not just a matter of convenience but a necessity for the advancement of our constituency and the empowerment of future generations.

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