Holy Ghost Business Owners Confirm Receipt of Compensation, Say Central Bus Station ’ll Change Enugu

Holy Ghost Business Owners

*Govt. reassures existing businesses will retain their places

Tenants, property and business owners affected by the proposed modern transport interchange at Market Road, Enugu, popularly known as Holy Ghost, say they have started receiving compensations as pledged by the Enugu State Government, saying they proposed modern bus terminal would change the state and improve its economy.

The confirmation was made by a critical stakeholder at Holy Ghost and Managing Director of A.C Decanal Company Ltd, Mrs. Ngozi Nnamani, on Tuesday.

This also came on a day that the state government affirmed Governor Peter Mbah’s commitment to not only completing the project in one year, but had also conveyed in writing his pledge to grant all existing property owners, tenants, and business owners a right of first refusal to own spaces at the mega terminal upon completion.

Speaking to newsmen at her Holy Ghost business premise, Mrs. Nnamani pledged stakeholders’ support for not only the project and Mbah’s government.

“Yes, he consulted us about this project. We were not exactly happy about this initially, but now we have seen that the project is a good one. If he will do it exactly the way he said it; that is to finish the project in the next one year and reinstate us back here, that will be lovely.

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“He promised to compensate us, and some of us have started receiving the compensation. There is a temporary site he promised to give us in the meantime for anyone interested in that. We are told that it’s around the New Market area.

“During the campaign, we fought to make sure that a businessman like us won, and we are glad he won. We support the project fully. Once he keeps his word, we are happy. I am seeing a change coming into Enugu State, we may feel a bit bad now because of this, but I know that when the project is done, all of us will be happy”.

Meanwhile, speaking to reporters in a separate interview, the Commissioner for Transportation, Enugu State, Dr. Obi Ozor, said that Governor Mbah Administration had held extensive dialogue with the stakeholders on how to bring about an affordable, efficient transportation system, including road network and both bus and truck terminals, explained the government was on the same page with affected tenants, business and property owners at Holy Ghost and had equally served them notice since October 13, 2023.

“The Holy Ghost where we are starting accommodates 41 per cent of all the metro vehicular passenger traffic in the state. What that means is that about one out of two vehicles that either going out of Enugu passes through this place. And as you can see today, it is in bad shape. For over three decades, this place has remained like this. It is no longer working,” he stated.

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Throwing more light on the landmark project, Ozor added, “So, this is a dual terminal. One, is for vehicles that are going out of Enugu State. One is for vehicles that are running within the state. So, if somebody is traveling to the airport and you are coming from Gariki, the vehicle brings you to terminal one. And then from terminal one, you enter the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) that will drop you off at the airport. When you are coming back, it brings you back to this terminal and you enter the vehicles that takes you to Abakpa. So, it is two terminals and each of the terminals can accommodate over 1,400 vehicles. It has different routes for the different locations. Gariki is a route.”

He said that the government was constructing the Central Station, Holy Ghost, simultaneously alongside the Gariki Central Station, Abakpa Central Station, and Nsukka Central Station, while those of 9th Mile and other critical areas would be coming up in the second phase.

Meanwhile, other business owners and Enugu residents, who spoke with the newsmen such as Favour Okorocha said the initiative would help in addressing crimes and traffic congestion at Holy Ghost.

“I think it’s a very good idea. Everywhere will be organised. Also, if you come around here from 6pm, people are scared to pass here. They will try to hide their bags and their phones because of what is going on around here. So, I think it will play very good role in security,” she concluded.

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