Eight Highest-Paying Courses In Nigeria

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If you believe that some courses are irrelevant in Nigeria, I will not disagree. Some even argue that even before the internet existed, these courses were what they are now. They aren’t just feasible. The spread of digitisation and technical innovation has made some fields more demanding. Yes, everyday discoveries tend to relinquish the importance of so many fields in schools. Notwithstanding, some courses are still performing exceptionally well in the labour market—both profitable and useful.

1. Graphic Design
With the advancement of technology, graphic design is now a powerful medium for media, advertising, and corporate communication. It’s a method of producing visually appealing designs for a certain need. Currently, graphic designers are among the most sought-after people in advertising agencies, media organisations and design companies. You don’t have to contemplate; the future is bright, and technology has come to stay — it will only continue to improve. Studying graphic design gives you an edge, and you don’t have to wait until you finish the entire course before making a living. There are many tools available online to practice it. The yearly average salary of an outstanding graphic designer is N1.7 to N3.4 million.

2. Medicine

We cannot deny that as humans, we must take medication if the necessity arises at any time in our life. Medicine is highly regarded across the world. Even in Nigeria, you cannot be idle; you’ll find a place to work because it is very demanding. Becoming a medical professional and being excellent at it requires rigorous work. But never doubt the reward of this profession; you can decide to be a specialist rather than just a doctor working with organisations, hospitals, and clinic centres. Don’t limit your thinking to what you see around you; this is a high-paying course in Nigeria and it is relevant anywhere in the world. As a specialist, you can earn an average of N1 million to N3.5 million annually.

3. Law

Law is a course you’ll never regret studying. It is prestigious and exposes one to different high-earning opportunities. You can’t deny that lawyers are very well respected in Nigeria; one of the reasons is their crucial role in society. On average, good lawyers earn between N1.6 to N15 million yearly. If you want to study law, you must be very determined and be ready to put in the work. The aim of studying it should not be “I want to be a lawyer” rather a question of “what kind of lawyer do you want to be?” You must consider the niche you’ll want to carve using the profession. What would distinguish you from every other lawyer?

4. Petroleum Engineering

As a Nigerian, you should know petroleum is a very lucrative business. This course will enable you to understand every hydrocarbon-related activity, such as crude oil, gas, and other properties. In this sector, the salary structure is very encouraging; you can work for national and international companies. The growing need for energy has placed petroleum engineering as one of the most important and highest-paying courses in Nigeria. You can work as a drilling engineer, reservoir and production engineer. You can earn between N1.7 to N10 million per annum as a petroleum engineer.

5. Estate Management
If you are interested in real estate, this course is for you. It will equip you to understand the legal use of land and how to manage and develop it. The real estate industry thrives very well in Nigeria; individuals, companies, and corporations hire estate experts to manage or sell their properties. You can be an adviser and investor in estate development. The average yearly earnings for a smart estate manager are around N1.3 million.

6. Computer Science
Computer science has proven to be one of the highest-paying courses over the years. This field is useful for every sector, even personally the knowledge you get from it can shape how you handle tasks. You can be a software developer, data analyst, or anything concerning computational principles. You can specialise in artificial intelligence, numerical analysis, programming languages and database systems. The benefits of the course are enormous; you can work in technological companies and financial institutions and even create your own startup. In this digital age, computer scientists will continue to be relevant. Computer scientists earn N850,000 to N1.6 million per annum.

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7. Electrical Engineering
If you’re interested in electrical control systems, power maintenance, and how telecommunications work, you should opt for this course. This is a field that can always be noticed because electrical power is a necessity. Electrical engineering is a course that would prepare you to work for companies in power generation and distribution, construction, transport networks, renewable energy, etc. You can dedicate your life to this field without regret or doubt. Your prowess will get you better opportunities after graduation. Electrical engineers tend to earn between N1.3 to N2.8 million per annum.

8. Information Technology
Technology has posed the need to have skilled professionals in companies and organisations. It has made information technology one of the courses that receive the highest pay. It entails knowledge and skills in developing and managing computer systems and networks. These are areas employers are looking for to foster the growth of their firms in meeting and competing well in the world of technological development. This course can equip you to get employment if you aim to be a software developer, database administrator, cyber security and Information Technology manager the course is a good starting point. Per annum, you can earn between N1.5 to N1.7 million.

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