You Are A Small Man, I Dare You To Do Your Worst – Rivers Lawmaker Tells Fubara


In fiesty fashion, the raging political tussle in Rivers State between loyalists of Nyesom Wike (FCT Minister and Ex-Gov) and his godson now incumbent, Sim Fubara continues.

A lawmaker in the Rivers State House of Assembly, Enemi Alabo George, via his official facebook account, has lashed out at the Governor following claims he (Fubara) intends to pull down the Rivers legislative residential quarters.

Alabo George represents Asari-Toru Constituency II and is one of the pro-Wike lawmakers in the Martin Amaewhule-led Assembly.

Let me today dare Sim Fubara for the first time. You had the guts to break the gates of the Rivers State House of Assembly quarters and force yourself into the quarters, threatening and harassing people. Shooting and putting fear into people, into wives of Assembly members and their Children, just to assert yourself. You are such a small man. You burnt the hallowed chambers of the House of Assembly , we did not answer you, you attacked the residence of the Speaker of the Rivers State House of Assembly, where four people were killed, we did not answer you, you demolished the Rivers State House of Assembly Complex, we we did not answer you, we thought it the madness of a minute. You know where I live, you know my apartment, why didn’t you come?. I have respected our friendship for so long. I have refused to comment about you, I have respected your office as governor. I have always remembered that while I worked with Zenith Bank you were my friend, I have always remembered that you and me did a Masters Degree together, I have always remembered how much I worked for you to be Governor, how I mobilized professionals from all works and corners of life to support you. I remember that the only time you had the opportunity to present your blueprint to Rivers people, it was me!!! I orchestrated that, Yes!!! You have done enough.

Now, let the heavens fall!!!

I will never bow to baal. You are such a small man.

In all you do, never be moved by sentiments. I supported and voted for a friend to be governor. He ended up as a tyrant, not able to stand anyone who opposes him. A man who shoots at wives and children is not a man. Biggest mistake I ever made, but it’s a huge lesson. Some of us do not fear anything. Suddenly a killer? Come kill pls. You know where to find me.

For all our mutual friends, especially from the banking community who have called to say let’s sheathe our swords, please also tell him to stop embarrassing all of us. It took me almost one full year to speak. One can’t keep embarrassing all of us this way. I need nothing from him, he needs nothing from me, but friends should tell themselves truth sometimes.

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