Burna Boy Opens Up On Parenthood: “I’m Not Ready Yet

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Grammy-winning artist Burna Boy has shared his thoughts on parenthood, revealing that he’s not ready to have children just yet. During a live session with his fans, Burna Boy expressed his desire to give his future children the same love and attention he received from his parents, but feels he can’t do so currently.

He stated, “I don’t want to have kids now because I can’t give them the love I got from my parents… My current ‘operation’ won’t allow me to have time for my kids as much as I would like to.”

Burna Boy added that he would consider starting a family when he’s more settled and can be present for his children every day. He also mentioned that even if he can’t have biological children, science has made it possible to explore other options.

Fans have praised Burna Boy’s honesty and responsible approach to parenthood. As he continues to focus on his music and career, fans look forward to seeing what the future holds for this talented artist.

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