The “Political” Joe Ajero and his failed attempt to cause Labour unrest in peaceful Anambra

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By Izuchukwu Adichie

Two questions for the political Joe Ajero:

1- Why trying to make Soludo the victim of your failed NLC Leadership?
2- Why attempt to cause political unrest in Anambra immediately after a stall minimum wage negotiation between NLC and FG?

It is quite unfortunate that immediately after failed negotiations between the Nigeria Labour Congress -NLC and the Federal Government in Abuja on the “New Minimum Wage”, the Labour leader turned politician; Joe Ajero called the peaceful Anambra civil servants on the phone to direct them as his puppies to enforce a statewide industrial action in a state where there has been a good working relationship between Governor Soludo and the state workers, earning him the most labor-friendly governor in the history.

While we understand that the political Joe Ajero wants to become the next Oshiomole, he should first continue to learn decently on the job and equally allow himself to be mentored by the same Oshiomole whom many Nigerians today regarded as the finest Labour Congress leader in his time and, not attempting to cause labour unrest in peaceful Anambra, as part of his way to put pressure on Soludo who is the Chairman of the Minimum Wage Renegotiation Sub-Committee to do his biddings. For Joe Ajero, his unhidden political ambition to become the next governor in Imo State in 2028 after attempting to distract HE Hope Uzodimma during his re-election is about to play out in Anambra.

This was the same Joe Ajero who turned his NLC office into a political office. A clear example was when he went on to lure the state chapters of NLC to picket lawful conventions and meetings of political parties. This takes me back to my earlier questions: Why is it now that Joe Ajero wants the so-called agreement he signed with a former administration five years ago -2019 to be implemented in 2024? Something is not adding up, Ajero.

So far, the political Joe Ajero should know that Soludo has set many unprecedented national records that earned him the labour-friendly governor within two years in office. When other of his colleagues were overwhelmed and giving excuses, Soludo became the first governor in the history of Nigeria to recruit 8,000 teachers and 1,000 medical personnel to end the era of schools and public hospitals without staff, another 5,000 workers for Anambra State Road Traffic Management Agency -ARTMA, Anambra Road Maintenance Agency -ARMA, OCHA Brigade, Awka Capital Territory Development Agency -ACTDA, state government Drivers, State Central Vigilantees, and Anti-Tout Squad. He also increased the salaries of workers across the board by 10% in his first 8 months in office, clearing backlogs of four years of arrears owed to retirees of local governments and state workers, and overseeing the prompt payment of salaries, gratuities, of over 60, 000 workers including pensioners even when some of his colleagues owed salaries and pensions in months and years. He has trained and equipped workers on how to efficiently and effectively leverage technology to source, collect, and process accurate and reliable data for the state and the ongoing digitization of governance and this shows the commitment of his administration to improving productivity.

Under Soludo’s administration, workers’ welfare has remained a priority, and they have become the greatest partners in the building of a prosperous homeland. I would advise the failed political Joe Ajero to organize a commendation ceremony and honor Soludo for being a governor with a human face.

The political Joe Ajero should commend Soludo, the most Anambra compassionate governor who settled 14-year lingering issues of the defunct Anambra State Water Corporation and ANSEPA, it is on record that they are currently receiving their pension for the first time and those who are active to continue service are undergoing verification to be admitted into the state civil service. The laughable part of many of Ajero’s failed attempts is that the Anambra State chapter of NLC and TUC are not complaining to him because they are friendly with Soludo.

Joe Ajero should commend Soludo for the following:
1- Prompt payment of salaries and pensions.
2- 10% increase in salaries across the board.
3- 5,000 teachers employed.
4-additional 3,000 teachers employed.
5- 500 Doctors, Nurses, Medical Lab and Consultants employed
6- An additional 500 health personnel employed
7- N12,000 non-taxable cash award in 2023.
8- 2,000 laptops shared with heads of public schools.
9- 200 laptops shared with civil servants in the state.
10- Enrollment of all civil servants, their spouses, and children under the age of 12 years into the State’s Health Insurance scheme.
11- N20,000 Christmas bonus in 2023.
12- N15,000 Christmas bonus in 2022.
13- Digital Skill training for civil servants.
14- Enrollment of commercial drivers with ASHIA
15- Distributed over 30,000 palliative rice to all Anambra families
16- Distributed the first batch of 1.2 million economic trees to 110,000 households.
17- Appointed 18 New Perm Secretaries
18- Initiated the payment of salaries, pensions, and gratuities of staff of defunct Water Corporation and ANSEPA.

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