Speed Darlington’s Outrageous Demand: ‘Pure’ Wife Must Never Have Flown or Visited Lagos

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Controversial Nigerian singer, Speed Darlington, has sparked outrage with his recent comments on marriage and women. In a viral video, Darlington stated that he cannot marry a woman who has ever flown in an airplane or visited Lagos, citing his desire for a “pure” wife.

His exact words were: “I can’t marry you if you’ve ever flown in an airplane or visited Lagos. I want a pure woman as a wife. What is a white man doing with a girl in a plane from Enugu to Lagos?”

Many have slammed Darlington’s comments as misogynistic, backward, and absurd. Critics argue that his expectations are unrealistic and demeaning to women, implying that a woman’s worth is tied to her sexual purity and lack of exposure to modern experiences.

What do you think about Speed Darlington’s comments? Are they harmless or harmful? Join the conversation!

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