Students of Unizik Post Graduate College Rejects Investigation panel set up by College Provost, Demands Independent Panel Of Enquiry from University Authority

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Concerned Students of Unizik Post Graduate College, who raised the issue of extortion going on at the College has faulted College Provost On Investigation panel set up by Her to investigate the subject matter, saying that the legal principle of “Nemo judex in causa sua” translates as “no one is judge in their own case” has been violated. They are therefore insisting that Prof. Igbokwe cannot be a Judge in her own case, hence the Demand for Independent Panel Of Enquiry from University Authority and not From the College Provost.

Our Source who spoke to our correspondent on condition of anonymity said that her selective approach towards the issue is not acceptable to them, arguing that with the present Committee as constituted, we cannot get to the root of the matter.

A look at the Committee’s membership showed that most of the members are very good friends of the Provost and who by the look of things are bent on giving her and Mrs Njideka Nwangwu clean bill of health. Massive corruption and abuse of office was committed by some staff of PG College led by Mrs Njideka Nwangwu, but the Provost turned a blind eye, now she wants to cover those involved.

How can some staff of PG College extort millions from PG students and pay money into Mrs Nwangwu’s account with First Bank under the guise of photocopy of synopsis or whatever they made us to believe with the threat that those who refused to pay will not be attended to?

A source at the PG College also told our correspondent that those who paid cash are more than those who paid in the Bank and that there there is a register safely kept in the board matters office in PG College that contains names of those who pay the money. “Can the Provost swear that she is not aware that we pay this money into a private account”?, said one the PG students who has indicated willingness to appear before the panel or any other investigative panel if invited. If this panel is serious and not out to cover something, why will they not invite all staff of PG College and any PG student who indicated interest to appear before it?

A senior Administrative staff in the Vice Chancellor’s office who pleaded anonymity told our correspondent that Prof Igbokwe recently had a closed door meeting with the Vice Chancellor over the issue but that she wasn’t sure if the Vice Chancellor will set up an independent investigation panel over the matter since he was already rounding up his stewardship which ends early June 2024.

Our correspondent equally learnt that the concerned PG students are now poised to take this matter to ICPC or EFCC if the University authority continues to delay and shield the staff involved.

The Concerned students also described as laughable the recent publication by one Professor Obidimma where she allegedly gave both the Provost and Mrs Nwangwu a clean bill of health and showered praises on them while investigation was yet to commence. So it shows nothing will come out of the Panel set up by the Provost of the College.

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