Alexer Peres Denies Cheating Allegations, Accuses Harrysong of Infidelity on Their Wedding Night

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Alexer Peres, the ex-wife of singer Harrysong, has finally broken her silence on the allegations of infidelity and dishonesty made against her by her former husband. In a shocking turn of events, she has denied ever cheating on Harrysong and instead accused him of being the unfaithful one.

According to Alexer, The night after their wedding, Harrysong brought a girl to come and do quickie, Harrysong brought another woman to their home, causing her immense pain and trauma. She claimed that this incident was just one of many examples of Harrysong’s infidelity during their marriage.

Alexer expressed her disappointment and hurt, saying that she never imagined that her husband would betray her trust in such a way. She also stated that she had tried to make their marriage work despite Harrysong’s repeated infidelities, but ultimately, his actions led to the breakdown of their relationship.

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