Tinubu Will Implement More Harsh Policies – Minister Reveals


Nigeria’s minister of information, Mohammed Idris, says President Bola Tinubu will implement more biting reforms to “shape” the country despite lingering economic hardship.

In an article circulated on social media platforms on Thursday, Mr Idris praised Mr Tinubu for keeping his campaign promises, removing the fuel subsidy, floating the naira, and other reforms, insisting that the president would make “more difficult decisions.”

The minister said, “More difficult decisions lie ahead before Nigeria is reshaped and growing economically to the benefit of its citizens and the wider continent of Africa.

“Tinubu has done what he promised on the economy: he has removed the fuel subsidy, floated the Naira, and instituted a raft of other reforms, including changes to the tax code and waivers for foreign investors in critical industries including mining, energy, and infrastructure.”

Mr Tinubu assumed office on May 29, 2023, announcing immediate fuel subsidy removal and floating of the naira. His dual policies saw fuel prices jump from N145 to N710 and the naira trade for around N1,500 to a dollar, while transportation and food costs shot through the roof.

Last month, Mr Tinubu marked one year in office on May 29, amid knocks and criticisms from Nigerians lamenting spiking food inflation, economic hardship and insecurity.

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Experts and the International Monetary Fund have lauded Mr Tinubu’s economic policies. However, official records show that food inflation is 40 per cent.

Several market surveys by Peoples Gazette showed that food prices have spiked by over 100 per cent while the national minimum wage has remained the same.

Also, under Mr Tinubu’s watch, insecurity has remained unresolved as Boko Haram and bandits continue their killing spree and kidnapping for ransom.

Amnesty International said incessant abductions and killings in Nigeria showed the failure of President Bola Tinubu-led government in its responsibility to protect lives.

“Frequent mass abductions and killings are clear evidence of failure of authorities to protect the people,” the human rights organisation said.

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