Soludo As An Exemplary Catalyst In Job Creation: Holds Enviable Record In Mass Employment


By Christian ABURIME

While Nigeria’s economic narrative has been one of struggle in recent times, with the nation desperately seeking answers, the debacle of acute unemployment is a critical pain point. In the first quarter of 2024, Nigeria’s unemployment rate was reported to be 5.3%, according to the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS)​​. This reflects an increase from the previous quarter’s 5.0%​​. These figures highlight a continued worrisome trend of rising unemployment in the country.

Set against the background of dwindling revenue at federal and state levels, and stalemate over a new national minimum wage, recruitment into public service these days can be a herculean task for any leader. But the seemingly impossible is being done in the southeast, especially in Anambra State, under the progressive leadership of Governor Chukwuma Charles Soludo, CFR, who has become an exemplary catalyst in job creation.

Governor Soludo is not just making headlines and redefining economic sense; he is changing lives through his strategic human capital engagement and investment. Since day one in office, his administration has embarked on a remarkable employment drive, injecting over 10,000 individuals into the workforce across various sectors. It is neither a haphazard scattering of positions nor a case of settling political IOUs, but a strategic investment in the state’s future.

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For instance, the education sector in the state received a much-needed boost with the recruitment of a whopping 8,115 teachers in the last two years. These teachers, hired through a meritocratic and transparent process, are nurturing the minds of Anambra’s youth to excel. The openness of the recruitment process extends beyond state borders – the teacher selection transcended geographical limitations, drawing talent from 18 different states in Nigeria. For Governor Soludo, only the best brains are good enough for Anambra, no matter where they come from.

Healthcare has not been left behind either. Till date, over 1,000 doctors, nurses, and other vital medical professionals have been brought on board, strengthening the state’s ability to care for its citizens. Security, a critical concern for many Nigerians, has also seen a significant boost with the recruitment of over 1,000 personnel into the Anambra State Vigilante Services and others.

Yet, Governor Soludo’’s progressive leadership goes beyond mere statistics. He has shattered the glass ceiling of godfatherism and prejudice in appointments. Gone are the days of appointments based on anything other than merit. His administration serves as a benchmark for the nation, proving that competence reigns supreme. This commitment to fairness is further reinforced by the appointment, earlier this year, of permanent secretaries in the state civil service, two of whom hail from Osun and Abia states, not Anambra.

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At a time that Nigeria is contending with dire economic challenges, Governor Soludo’s hiring actions speak volumes. In the words of American statesman John Quincy Adams, “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” By doing his own part in reducing unemployment, Soludo is not just a game-changing leader for Anambra State but also a symbol of hope for a more prosperous and equitable Nigeria.

His commitment to pan-Nigerianism, his dedication to meritocratic selection, and his focus on building a better future through job creation and human capital development make him a true world-class leader, leading by example. With Governor Soludo at the helm of affairs, Anambra is today beyond surviving; it is thriving, and offering a blueprint for the nation’s path forward.

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