Timi Frank, Slams Tinubu’s Leadership, Says Nigeria’s International Image Has Never Been Worse

Timi Frank

Former Deputy Spokesperson of the APC on Tuesday weighed in on the state of the nation. While speaking in Abuja, Timi Frank said “The bar has never been this low in the history of the Presidency of Nigeria. At the risk of provoking the fragile ego of the Nigerian Government, I must confess that I often wonder if we still have a Government at the helm of affairs in Nigeria in the past one year but like I said, this thought on its own runs through my mind at the risk of provoking the fragile ego of the Nigerian Government. So, it is just a wonder and just a thought while I continue observing the daily state of the nation.

“There is very little regard for the Office of the President of Nigeria currently, going by events in the past one year. Both internationally and locally, wonders are happenings, wonders that provoke the very nationhood state of Nigeria. Once upon a time, there was that sense of pride of being a Nigerian but now I doubt if that sense of pride is still there any more because Tinubu came and eroded the pride of the individual Nigerian within a year.

“The President (Tinubu) was recently in South Africa and he was queued behind the back of other African Heads of States during the recent second term inauguration of the President of South Africa. The South African President could not even shake hands with Mr President (Tinubu) publicly, the best the President of Nigeria got was even what he had to resort to offering by himself to avoid complete ridicule of not being noticed at all, which was a wave of hands. This event was shown live to the whole world. The whole world witnessed it. It took online outrage of millions of patriotic Nigerians, of course Nigeria, a country of over 200 million people, the biggest black nation on Earth; who took to the internet immediately to condemn such disregard for the Nigerian President, for the South African President, President Ramaphosa in a bid to do media damage control to go with co-ordinated camera works to go see President Tinubu privately afterwards, to assuage the unquenchable anger of the millions of patriotic Nigerians who rightly found the earlier disregard for a President of Nigeria inexcusable no matter any circumstance whatsoever.

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“This was South Africa of yesterday that back in the early 90s, we, Nigerians, advocated for and made significant contributions for their freedom against their then Apartheid regime, and their then later President, President Nelson Mandela, held us in the highest of esteem all through his Presidency and all through the rest of his life,” Timi Frank said.

“Tinubu must sit up. Nigerians are very proud people when it comes to their nationhood status as Nigerians, and Nigerians will not sit idle, just watching, while he destroys the huge reputation Nigeria once had in the global community.

“Our international image has never been this badly damaged by a sitting Nigerian President in more ways than we all can mention at a time, till Tinubu became President. All the gains Nigeria gained in the international community over the past decades have been completely rolled back within a year of Tinubu’s Presidency, now many of us can’t even be proud to be Nigerians anymore. Our currency, which is the Naira has lost so much unimaginable value, alot has indeed gone wrong with the country within one year of Tinubu as President. Tinubu must sit up and regain the country’s glory back for it immediately and he has to do it now not later and he must not use it as excuse to seek any second term. He has done enough damage to Nigeria within a year and he knows it,” Timi Frank further said.

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