Is He sick? Biden’s scratchy voice at the start of the debate sparks questions about his health in dire debate start

Trump and Biden

From the moment that the historic debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump began, viewers instantly reacted to the sound of Biden’s scratchy voice and him repeatedly clearing his throat.

Biden’s demeanor sparked alarm even after the president spent a week at Camp David to rest up and prepare for the debate.

‘I have a bad feeling about how the debate is beginning,’ wrote Nicholas Kristof on social media. ‘Trump is speaking nonsense on many topics, but he’s projecting energy; Biden is more substantive but in voice and manner is playing into the Trump narrative that he’s old for this job.’Pollsters also recognized voter’s response to Biden’s voice on stage.’My focus group of undecided voters is surprised and concerned about Biden’s voice,’ wrote pollster Frank Luntz. ‘This doesn’t bode well for questions about his health.’

CNN journalist Kasie Hunt said that Democrats she was talking to were deeply distressed by Biden’s performance.’The voice, open-mouthed look, and visual contrast between President Biden and former President Trump all have Democrats I’m talking to nearly beside themselves watching this debate,’ she wrote.Fox News White House reporter Jacqui Heinrich noted the president’s voice was sounding ‘thinner than usual’ and that his performance was ‘harmed overall.’It seems to me that President Biden is fumbling most when he’s reaching for talking points advisers have drilled into him. When he gets mad and speaks off the cuff, it’s cleaner.Former CNN journalist Chris Cillizza also fired off a warning.

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Biden looks old. Halting. He just lost his train of thought. His voice is weak. Bad bad bad,’ he wrote.Journalist Yashar Ali said he was not hearing optimistic appraisals of Biden’s performance from Democrats that typically reflexively defend him.’I am in multiple large group texts with Democratic operatives, elected officials, staffers, and donors,’ he wrote. ‘Not one of them feels good about Biden’s performance tonight in terms of style, his voice etc.’

By the first commercial break of the debate, the Biden team appeared to already be playing damage control, as NBC reporter cited details of the president’s condition.’Two sources familiar with the situation say “President Biden has a cold,”’ wrote White House correspondent Kelly O’Donnell on social media.Republicans and Trump staffers immediately recognized Biden’s weakness in the debate.

What’s wrong with Joe Biden’s voice?’ Trump national press secretary Caroline Leavitt wrote. ‘Hasn’t he been hiding in the woods for a week??

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