Security In Anambra: Ozigbo’s Ignorant Rhetorics Against Soludo

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By Christian ABURIME

The more he talks, the more he comes across like one who is grappling to understand governance. Mr Val Ozigbo’s latest video volley of criticisms against Anambra State Governor Charles Soludo regarding the security situation in Anambra State is not only misguided but also smacks of a desperate attempt to gain political mileage at any cost. His recent tirades reveal a profound ignorance of the complex dynamics of governance and security, particularly within the Nigerian context where state and federal responsibilities are intricately intertwined.

Petty critics who are empty of tangible ideas about governance always sound like broken records. Ozigbo’s accusations that Governor Soludo has failed in his duty to secure Anambra are a gross oversimplification of the issue. Security is not the exclusive preserve of the state government; it is a shared responsibility with the federal government, which controls all the major security agencies in Nigeria. Soludo’s administration can only supplement and support these federal efforts. To lay the blame solely at the feet of the state government is not just unfair; it is an egregious distortion of how governance operates.

And if Mr Ozigbo has not been completely aloof of the situation in the country, he must have heard that state governors are still contending with the federal government over the issue of state police. An intelligent person should wonder why the question of state police is persisting in Nigeria. It is simply because state governors are severely limited in their exercise of powers to secure their respective states without recourse to the federal government!

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Besides, Ozigbo’s narrative conveniently ignores the fact that no society in the world, no matter how advanced, is free from security challenges. From the streets of North America to the heartlands of Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, security issues persist despite robust governance, top-grade security networks and extensive resources. It is disingenuous to pretend that Anambra can be an exception to this global reality, especially when security infrastructures are beyond the full control of state administrations.

Let’s even rejig Ozigbo’s fading memory with a brief revisit of the past. Before Governor Soludo took office, eight local government areas in the southern senatorial zone of the state were under the oppressive control of criminal elements. His administration’s decisive actions liberated these areas, restoring order and safety to the lives of countless citizens. This alone is a demonstration of Soludo’s commitment and effectiveness in tackling the security challenges head-on, unlike the hollow rhetoric of his critics.

Also, Governor Soludo’s proactive approach to security is evident in the establishment of the Ministry of Homeland Affairs, a pioneering move among Nigerian states. This ministry is singularly focused on addressing security issues, and its success is palpable. Additionally, the recruitment of 1,000 vigilante personnel, coupled with the provision of vehicles and operational equipment, highlights a comprehensive strategy to reinforce local security capabilities.

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Instead of offering constructive solutions or tangible plans to address Anambra’s issues, Val Ozigbo seems content with launching baseless attacks on the current administration. This tactic not only reveals a lack of substantive ideas but also a penchant for playing to the gallery. Governance is not a spectacle; it is the serious business of leading and securing a state, something Soludo has been actively and effectively doing since his tenure began.

Under Governor Soludo’s leadership, the persistent weekly attacks by hoodlums that once plagued Anambra have significantly diminished. The occasional incidents of criminal activity that occur now are a stark contrast to the state of siege that existed before. Anambra, like any other state in Nigeria, is not immune to crime, but to suggest it remains in the throes of insecurity is a deliberate misrepresentation.

Ozigbo and his ilk, like other desperate guber aspirants, must cease their exaggerated portrayals of Anambra’s security situation for political gain. If desperate politicians think they have something better to offer Ndi Anambra, they should sell themselves and their ideas to the people, and then slug it out at the polls. The future of Anambra State deserves leaders who can rise above petty politicking and vacuous propaganda to offer genuine, viable solutions.

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