Nigerian Pastor Disgraced and Forced to Hawk After Shrine Discovered in His Home

Nigerian Pastor Disgraced and Forced to Hawk

A Nigerian pastor of Divine Trinity Church was publicly humiliated and forced to hawk after a shrine was discovered in his house.

The incident was captured in a video posted on a popular social media platform, TikTok.

In the video, the man believed to be a pastor is seen being escorted by a large group of youths surrounding him.

He appears topless and is made to carry a large pot on his head containing unidentified materials, following the discovery of the shrine in his house.

Confirming the discovery of the shrine, a media user who appeared to witness the event commented: ‘They found a shrine in his house; he is a pastor.’

Additionally, in the video, an unidentified man can be heard shouting, ‘See my pastor!’ as he expresses dismay over the situation.

Many social media users who viewed the video commented on the post to share their thoughts.

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