A Great Honor’ Trump Says, Hails Video of Parade for His Reelection in Nigeria


US President Donald Trump on Tuesday tweeted a video of a parade in a Nigerian town for his reelection.

In the video, people believed to be members of a church in the South-eastern part of Nigeria marched through the town dancing and waving the American flag, with placards and banners in support of the reelection bid of the US president.

A parade for me in Nigeria, a great honour,” Trump tweeted on Tuesday as voting got underway in an election where opinion polls showed the President trailing his main challenger, former Vice President Joe Biden.

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Trump has in the past disparaged African nations, reportedly calling them “shithole countries” in 2018 and saying Africans would never leave the United States if allowed in. This year, he added Nigeria and five other countries when he expanded visa curbs.

But millions in Africa’s most populous nation love the 45th US president all the same, and his previous comments hasn’t deterred his growing support in the country.

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