A Must Read: Advice To Governor Hope Uzodinma

By: Kinsley Chibu Onyejekwe

I am your brother and would want you to succeed. This message is a trajectory path towards your success. You must know that Achike Udenwa ruled IMO state for eight years and under him Orlu people cried for development but such cry fell in deaf ears of our brother, Achike. Again, Rocha,yet another of our brother, ruled for eight years, though, I wouldn’t say that he didn’t try,but my expectations from him were high in terms of Orlu development. Maybe he was betrayed by his subordinates. At least one can attest to visible attempts of provision of infrastructure in all the local government areas in Imo state during his tenure. Still the cry of Orlu development was not met under Rochas. Now is your turn. My Governor,brother and friend, please don’t use subordinates who would bring a repetition of this Orlu cry in your cabinet. Some of us will be willing to assist you to accomplish the desire of our people. Orlu development project plan is before you. Our people might be impatient with you when the time comes. I will assure you of massive support with or without campaign during your second term bid. Orlu is the second city in Imo state after Owerri. Its development will surely reduce the urban congestion being experienced already in Owerri. If you can extend invitation for a structured master plan, we can be of help. Remember,Umunna wu ike. We are solidly behind you. I know you as a master planner, please don’t fail us.By Engr. Kingsley Onyejekwe

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