Abubakar Malami and Tunde Idiagbon Sabiu Are The Ones Running Nigeria – Sowore Claims


Nigerians are highly disappointed with the tenure of Buhari’s Government ranging from the economy of the country which is in shambles to the issues of security plaguing the country.

The bandits have taken over some states gradually, lives are being lost everyday through killing and kidnapping. Farmers can no longer go to their farms to cultivate, harvest and sell of their produce due to fear of bandits and herdsmen.

Some people claimed that it is not Buhari that is controlling the affairs of the country but rather has cabals running the country. They claimed that Buhari is dead that the person representing Buhari is from Niger Republic.

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Infact, our country is in a chaos state now, everybody is living in fear due to incessant attacks by the bandits and herdsmen and you keep wondering what is our President doing about this. His response towards security issues is not encouraging at all and people are very angry. Today “BuhariMustgo” slogan has been trending on twitter.

Omoyele Sowore today on Twitter claimed that Salami and Tunde are the cabals running the affairs of the country. They are in charge of the oil blocks and have confiscated most of the national treasuries. 

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