After Herdsmen Were Sent Packing From S-West, About 4,000 Fulani Herdsmen Arrived Kaduna State

Fulani Herdsmen Arrived Kaduna State

There have been agitations in parts of Nigeria over the course of the past few weeks, as the normadic Fulani Herdsmen were given ultimatum and sent packing from the southern and Eastern zone of Nigeria.

The ultimatum was given to them majorly in Ibadan by a man named Sunday Igboho who took the lead in sending off the fulani Herdsmen who were alledged to have terrorized farmers and citizens in the state.

The ultimatum given seemed serious when the house of Seriki fulani was burnt down in the community where he lived and most of the fulani went away.

Akelicious reported that some Fulani Herdsmen that left the south and Eastern One of the country have arrived in Labguda, in Kachia L.G.A of Kaduna state.

The reported number as at the time of writing this article was 4000 and more were said to be trooping in from different part of the country, like also from the East where the Eastern security network have also made life uncomfortable for the fulani Herdsmen.

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