Anambra 2021: Andy Uba Remain The Most Qualified To Solve Anambra Socio-economic Problems Says Group

Andy Uba

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October 30, 2021

In a meeting held by coordinators and members of “I Stand with Andy Uba for Governor, USA”, the members enthusiastically expressed their overall support for Senator Andy Emmanuel Uba for governorship of Anambra State in the upcoming November 6, 2021, election. In a Press Release delivered after the group’s meeting held via Zoom on October 27, 2021, by all the members based in different places in USA, such as New York, California, Washington DC, Baltimore, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and New Jersey, the national coordinator of the Group, Chief Jimmy Asiegbu (founder of Anambra State Association-USA) and the national co-coordinator, Chief Mrs. Ngozi Ebosie, stated the following:

  1. Senator Andy is the most qualified and positioned to solve most of the socio-economic problems plaguing Anambra State.
  2. Senator Andy Uba has the most experience in public administration as well as legislative processes and issues.
  3. Senator Andy Uba has the temperament and attention to details which should enable him to interact with Anambra people in solving their problems.
  4. He has the connections with who is who across different tribes in Nigeria to secure Anambra’s interests at the National level.
  5. We are confident that Senator Andy will take it further from the end of Governor Obiano’s Administration. In fact, we are sure that Andy will build industries and create the much-needed employments, especially for the jobless youths in Anambra State.
  6. We are also assuring that Electricity supply for all Anambra communities should be a constant phenomenon in his administration.
  7. We further assure that all major and minor roads as well as rural connectors in Anambra State will be constructed, including the refurbishing of Federal roads that connect Anambra with nearby states.
  8. As a man of peace, the security of life and property should be guaranteed by Andy, and he will endeavor to entrench peace among communities in Anambra State as well as engage Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) in peace negotiations.
  9. Andy has the wherewithal to work with Federal government in moving Anambra State forward.

To ensure that Senator Andy Uba wins the forthcoming election, members of the group further resolved to:

  1. Connect with their Communities in Anambra State to sell Andy’s qualities as well as convince them to vote for their Principal (Andy) on November 6, 2021.
  2. The group will dominate Anambra forums and other internet platforms with Andy Uba Jingos, campaign activities, and good press news.
  3. The group will promote and disseminate Andy Uba campaign messages, videos, and good press.
  4. The group’s rapid response team will react to any negative posts against Senator Andy Uba and at the same time spread good news on his plans for Anambra State.
  5. The group calls on Anambra people to vote for Senator Andy Uba as the next Governor of Anambra State, because he is the best suited and qualified to govern the State at this time.


Chief Jimmy Asiegbu
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