Anambra 2021: Any APGA Guber Aspirant Who De-markets Another Risks Disqualification – Obiokoye Warns


By Bona Ogbonna

Special Adviser to Governor Willie Obiano on Political Matters, Honourable Ifeatu Obiokoye, has warned all gubernatorial aspirants on the platform of the ruling All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) to shun all manner of vulgar language and sarcastic statements against one another.

Obiokoye gave the warning in a nine-point press release signed by him and made available to the Pres.
He emphasized that henceforth the party will not tolerate any aspirant casting aspersions on another; that they should sell their manifestoes telling the people what they would do differently to take Anambra state to the next level of development.
The governor’s political adviser said about three aspirants have so far declared their intentions to run for the office of the governor on the platform of APGA but of utmost concern is the derogatory comments coming from one or two of them against each other.

He said the party has its constitution as well as sets code of conduct for every member and that one fundamental aspect of the code of conduct is that no member of the party will tarnish the image of the party nor bring any member to public ridicule.

Obiokoye reiterated that any aspirant attempting to demarket another aspirant will be disqualified from the primaries, stressing that an aspirant can be disqualified at the screening level if he has in the course of his campaigns put the party under ridicule and unnecessary blackmail.

He said the primary election will be an election for delegates and that aspirants should rather concentrate on those who will be delegates than trying to pull their fellow aspirants down.

Obiokoye’s press release reads, “The All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) wishes to bring to the notice of all governorship aspirants for the November 6, 2021 poll that henceforth the party will not condone nor tolerate any form of innuendoes nor sarcastic comments against co-aspirants.

“The party is however disenchanted with the way and manner in which some of the aspirants are piloting their electioneering campaigns: thus rather than sell their manifestoes to the people as to what they can do for Anambra, they decided to do the contrary.

“The All Progressives Grand Alliance is not reputed for brigandage nor casting aspersions on individuals but known for its internal democracy, ordinate party ideology as well as ensures a transparent process for all aspirants on its platform.

“APGA has continued to maintain its good governance mantra for the past 16 years ensuring that democracy dividends trickle down to the remotest parts of the hinterlands in the state. Ndi-Anambra no longer wish to return to the dark days of misrule and maladministration by political parties who plunged the state into the abyss.

“APGA is not known for destruction and vandalisation of public properties. It is equally not associated with political hanky panky and double-crossing but operates on the principle of equity and fair play.

“The APGA-led state government under Governor Willie Obiano has given the party a facelift such that APGA is on the lips of every onye-Anambra and it would be difficult for the opposition to uproot APGA.

“So rather than vilify one another, it is of paramount importance to state unequivocally that all aspirants on the platform of the All Progressives Grand Alliance should concentrate their campaigns on what they will do differently to take Anambra State to the next level of development and growth.

“The forthcoming November 6 governorship election is a must-win for APGA; this should be uppermost in the minds of every aspirant. As it is often said, in every contest there is a winner and a loser as well. As the party promises a free, fair, transparent and credible primary election, anyone who eventually clinches the party’s ticket, should bear in mind that APGA is the party to beat.

“I, therefore, enjoin all aspirants to apply caution and restraint in their utterances as they go about their electioneering activities bearing in mind that the ultimate goal is a victory for the All Progressives Grand Alliance come November 6, 2021

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