Anambra 2021: Bianca Ojukwu Sets To Mobilise APGA Members Against Gov Obiano, Aguleri Cabal

Anambra 2021: Bianca Ojukwu Sets To Mobilise APGA Members Against Gov Obiano, Aguleri Cabal

…says the governor used Ojukwu’s name to win election two times and abandoned him.
…says, “we are barracks”, the soldiers will go and we shall reclaim APGA.

The wife of the eternal leader of APGA, Her Excellency, Amb Lady Iyom Bianca Odimegwu Ojukwu has taken to the social media to attack gov Obiano whom she accused of riding on the acceptance of Ojukwu to emerge victorious in his two elections.

She accused gov Obiano of saying that Ojukwu is “a dead man with no relevance” again.

She therefore urged all APGA faithfuls to remain steadfast, pleading that they should never relent in “our quest to reclaim the soul of” APGA from the governor and the Aguleri cabal, insisting that “We are the barracks” soldiers will come and go, while the barracks remain.

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Below is the full text of Bianca’s post.

‘ When I die, and before I am laid to rest in the land of my ancestors, take me to Aba, for the last time. My casket must touch the great sands of Aba’.

I remember these haunting words of Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu each time I watch this video clip. And it’s easy to see why he made this request. This is the day of his visit to the great Enyimba city of Aba, after his return from Exile. Aba would always accord him a hero’s welcome whenever he visited the city all through the days of his life. And on that Last day, Aba shut down to accord him a hero’s farewell. There are so many streets and monuments named after him in Abia, as well as Owerri. Yet this is a prophet without honour, even in his own party, APGA, where a man who used his party, his name and memory to achieve gubernatorial victory for two consecutive terms and who replaced him as Party National party leader considers him contemptuously as ‘a dead man with no relevance’, undeserving of any remembrance or honour except to be used during elections to play on the emotions of the people for whom he fought so fiercely for their survival. Today, I remind the current APGA National leader, once again, that all things, good or bad must come to an end, and the state of ‘being merely a dead man’ is not peculiar only to Ojukwu. All of us, himself included, must answer this great call one day…

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On this day of remembrance, I call on every APGA faithful never to relent in our quest to reclaim the soul of our beloved party APGA, a party for which Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu sacrificed his twilight years to nurture and sustain. We are the barracks. We must never relent because a people ( and if I might add, a party) who forget their defenders will themselves be forgotten. Let this not be our fate. The Locust years will soon be over. We must never return to Egypt. The countdown has already begun.

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