Anambra 2021: In Unionism, Orumba North Rose And Endorsed Soludo For Governor

By: Joe Anatune

Hon. Emeka Aforka, Anambra House of Assembly Deputy Majority Leader’s easy smile and gentle mien mask a battle-toughened mind and body. Fair complexioned, youthful and handsome, Aforka deployed his clout and circles of influence to drum support for Cee Cee Soludo in a reception he hosted for him on May 8, 2021 at his Ndiowu country home.

However, steely and fiery Aforka pulled it through, and Orumba North, irrespective of their political leanings or affiliations, made a clear statement that they want Soludo as their next Governor. Aforka in addition, demonstrated that he is a tough cookie who has paid his dues and deserves his respect, especially from the one he called a political ingrate like Hon. Okwudili Ezenwankwo, whose political career he helped to blossom.

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In attendance was a galaxy of who is who in Orumba North; top government functionaries, the party’s top apparatchiks, traditional and religious leaders and members of Soludo Support Groups. Summarised, they predicated their support on a number of factors.

We live in difficult and trying times, so the need for an experienced and tested hand is paramount. Without disparaging the other aspirants, Ndi Orumba are of the well considered opinion that Soludo is their best bet.

Orumba would not want to go to the Governorship elections with a candidate who will need a lot embellishments to have a foot in the door in a contest that is billed to be furious and fierce. With Soludo, there is already more than 80% headstart before INEC blows the whistle.

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As a corollary to the above, Orumba roots for a Soludo, who will not only win the primaries but overwhelmingly win the main election for APGA and Ndi Anambra.

Speaker after speaker drew attention to the fragile economy and the need for a paradigm shift in economic management, which Soludo amply symbolises.

Furthermore, on the need to avoid the return of the renegades to fritter away the foundational legacy projects of Governor Willie Obiano, Soludo is the solution to consolidate and take things notches higher, to the Glory of God and Ndi Anambra.

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Finally. Anambra is an ‘A’ state and should be ruled by its best and brightest, so as to continue to show the light to other states.

Soludo profusely thanked Ndi Orumba and assured them that he will be there for them when he is elected Governor.

Goodwill messages poured in from the party apparatchiks, telling Ndi Orumba that Soludo who is The People’s Choice is also the choice of APGA.

Overall, it was indeed, Aforka’s day and fine moment. He deserves our accolades.

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