Anambra 2021: It’s High Time Other Aspirants Starts Dropping Their Ambitions, Ndi Anambra Has Resolved To Elect Dr Godwin Maduka

By: Onwurah Chinonso Anthony
(Equity Lawyer)

“When you know what you want and wants it bad enough, you’ll surely find a way to get it”. This timeless and rather popular words from the renowned philosopher; Jim Rohn clearly summarized the current state of minds of Ndi Anambra. We’re desperately in need of someone who will assuage the excruciating pains we’re going through presently in the State. We’ve resolved to use the November 6 gubernatorial election to strike while the iron is hot. There have been flurries of endorsements from notable and credible individuals, associations, groups, civil society organizations, Medical professionals, members of the fourth estate of the realms, and the list goes on, concerning the noble ambitions of the erudite triple professor of medical sciences – Dr. Maduka, since he made his gubernatorial ambition public, it has been one verifiable endorsement to another. They know that Okosisi Orumba is strictly on the level and his acclaimed accomplishments are straws in the wind of Anambra State’s future.
As the countdown towards the election has begun, the political space in the state has been awash with different political pyrotechnics and utopian noises from various politicians and contenders. All manner of people have declared interest to to contest the governorship election but for some, their dubious intents are well chronicled and known by Ndi Anambra. These fair whether and career politicians have virtually nothing to offer in terms of focused leadership and good governance. But the good news is that Dr. Maduka is currently in the fray.
Before now, Ndi Anambra were weary because of the caliber of the people that have declared interest to succeed Governor Willie Obiano. They needed someone who will step on the gas in order to steer our dear State out of the present maladministration. Now that Dr. Maduka has stepped in to steady the ship, it is honourable for other contenders to willingly step down their ambitions and stick by Dr. Maduka. He has clearly stolen a match on all the other contenders and still counting. Ndi Anambra knows that Dr. Maduka is eminently qualified and stand a chance to stamp out bad governance and leadership in Anambra State.
With all intents and purposes, the call for the other contenders to support Dr. Maduka is a clarion call made out of patriotism. Anambra State needs here and now the type of leader in Dr. Maduka’s ilk. His achievements, milestones, attainments, shrewdness, visions, professionalism, personal mien, qualifications as well as international experience and exposure are all well chronicled and vastly known by all and sundry. These stellar attributes spruce up the person of Dr. Maduka in the eyes of Ndi Anambra. His act of philanthropy are what people spout off about daily. Other contenders do not have a sporting chance in contesting with Dr. Maduka come November 6, 2021 gubernatorial election.
To lay more credence to the yearnings of the poor masses are aforementioned endorsements by virtually all the concerned people in Anambra State and beyond. Everybody is pointing at and has spoken for Dr. Maduka. He does not speak with forked tongue, he is spic and span without any scandal or corrupt baggages. He is the positive paradigm shift our dear State needs. A breath of fresh air which will put out the various smoke and mirrors in the governance of Anambra State. Dr. Maduka came highly prepared with his sly as a fox blueprints and visions that will monumentally transform the state and make it the envy of all Nigerians. In order not to sound like a broken record, we need to work assiduously to elect him come November 6, 2021.
To the other contenders, I sincerely enjoin you all to humbly and quietly drop your ambitions and join hands together for Dr. Maduka to have a smooth sail in the forthcoming election. It is highly fundamental that Ndi Anambra bring out their best hand and brain to support Dr. Maduka because he has paid his dues in an unprecedented manner which no other aspirant has been able to do. It solely behoves on us all, both the aspirants and the masses to pay him that debt of gratitude by seeing to Dr. Maduka’s overwhelming and unanimous victory in the elections. By so doing, the various endorsements by the concerned stakeholders cum the masses will not be seen as fluke but a true reflection of our collective resolve and faith in Dr. Maduka’s abilities, uniqueness as well as accomplishments.
Furthermore, it will be unbecoming of us and will amount to serious disservice to Anambra State, if we do not support his noble ambitions. One of the Nigerian political analyst opined that “Unless Ndi Anambra are blind or has a spell on them then Dr. Maduka should not be elected in the upcoming polls in order to clear the mess of this present administration”. This assertion clearly shows the drive nature of our dear State and the present crop of aspirants can not be able to salvage her, except the guide and gusto of Dr. Maduka. The time is nigh for all other aspirants to heed the various calls of our people and step down their ambitions and wholly support the candidature of Dr. Maduka. We all should sink out teeth into the Divine Mandate of electing our illustrious Professor as our next Governor.
Conclusively, as a shot in the arm, Dr. Maduka has shown all his cards, the onus lies on all the aspirants to cue into his visions and staunchly set their hearts on this project “Elect Dr. Maduka the next Anambra Governor”. As the popular parlance posited that when a big masquerade enters the stage, all the other smaller masquerades take a bow. This aphorism clearly elucidated on the larger-than-life nature of Dr. Maduka. He has entered the stage with his well articulated ideas, visions, astuteness, transparency, professionalism, political will, international exposure, shrewdness and leadership experience. So, all the other contenders should as a matter of expediency, take note by honorably stepping down for Dr. Maduka. The achievements and milestones coupled with his visions for Anambra State have clearly dwarfed that of the other aspirants put together. The Lion has roared in the jungle, all the other animals have scampered for safety.

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Here comes our next Governor, Dr. Godwin Maduka (MD, PharmD) Founder/CEO Las Vegas Pain Institute, Professor of Surgery, Professor of Pain management and Professor of Anesthesiology.

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