Anambra 2021: Sen. Victor Umeh’s Endorsement Of Prof. Chukwuma Soludo

The raging controversy over Sen. Victor Umeh’s endorsement of Prof. Chukwuma Soludo, while not exactly necessary, is understandably disquieting.

In fact, to my thinking, Sen. Umeh deliberately wanted it, and made it to be controversial. While it is not clear why, or what the controversy means for the former APGA National Chairman, we do know that both good and bad publicity are essential to keep any politician relevant.

Sen. Umeh, a respected leader in APGA, as a matter of tact had two options to navigate through Prof. Soludo’s alliance;

Public neutrality, while also giving tacit support to Prof. Soludo, if he is his choice candidate.

  1. Act statemanly and stand with APGA leaders and the Governor till the last minute, when a candidate emerges.
    I am certain that Chief, Sir, Sen. Victor Umeh is well vast in understanding of this measured approach.
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His choice to publicly endorse Prof. Soludo and then also publicly alluded that Governor Obiano told him to support Soludo, which he said was communicated through email. Now, we know very well that no major decision of that magnitude can be, for that matter communicated through email. As sure, as you can be, it is apparent that Governor Obiano is not the only one manning his email, just like most, if not all other public officers. Although I have now been informed that Sen. Umeh also said he discussed with Governor Obiano, and in his usual style, the date of the discussion was readily supplied.

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Now back to the issue in question.
This unusual choice of action by Sen. Umeh is something that is beyond the surface. Not only because the action was completely off the table, but also because there is more to it.

What this means is that Sen. Victor Umeh has more under his sleeves. He is a veteran politician and he knows exactly where he is going.

For observers like myself, the endorsement is neither here nor there and could, matter of fact, infuriate the Governor and Chief Victor Oye, the current National Chairman of APGA. And there are consequences.

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It could in fact be that what is now thought to be a big plus for the Prof. Chukwuma Soludo campaign, may actually be a giant minus when the entire details are pieced together and dutifully analysed.

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