Anambra 2021: Who Is Afraid Of Hon. Chukwuma Umeoji ?

“In politics, power is never served a la carte, you need to struggle; as it’s the hallmark of healthy democracy”

The attacks, smear campaigns and propagandas against Rt. Hon. Chukwuma Umeoji can only point to one glaring truth, his opponents are afraid of him and can’t muster the will to challenge his political war chest, hence the resort to campaign of calumny and blackmails.

Those who thinks they have prepared the ground to suit their whims and caprice are threatened by the wide acceptance of the “Umeoji4Governor” creed which has deepen conversation across party lines and every nooks and crannies of Anambra State; in a nutshell, every Anambra family says it’s Umeoji4Governor.

Since the public declaration of interest to Run for the State’s top Job by the Ezinifite born political warrior, it appears the other smaller camps in APGA have become vulnerable and reduced to wailing dogs; they have shown discomfort and utter jittery over Umeoji growing popularity, acceptance by all relevant stakeholders in the State, vi’s a vis youth bodies, religious Institutions, market men and women, elders and leaders of thoughts amongst many others.

The declaration of Oba Aguata sparked a never seen before outrage in the political arena of Anambra State, some elements who earlier claimed they have the wherewithal to outsmart everyone and shortchanged the process are today struggling to grasp relevance in the power play.

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They have been drowned in their very own pool and now behaving blind and dementia like, just to garner sympathy and attention through their bitter politics and internal opposition.

They have engaged every mentally challenged handle and quack writers on and off the media space to urinate and throw stones not minding the position and timing; all that being done to demonize and demystify the person and image of Oba Aguata.

The approach is not just unproductive, but equally useless in the eyes of a discerning public. It is an old trick, and its promoters are obviously ignorant of the wisdom that the best trick is to avoid obsolete tricks and rather play by the modern tricks.

It’s futile because the individual they seek to bring down is up and standing like the Rock of Gibraltar; The success of APGA can not be whole without the worthy mention and contributions of Rt. Hon. Chukwuma Umeoji.

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Again, it’s No news that Hon. Chukwuma Umeoji was a driving force in the events that culminated to the 21/21 political tsunami of 2017 as Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on Grassroot Mobilization and the victory of APGA in the last General elections across Aguata; a zone which is largely in the clutches of the oppositions, but his political sagacity delivered it to APGA in whole, whereas those who are claiming today’s Lord were drowned in their various zones.

Those who are afraid of Rt. Hon. Chukwuma Umeoji can go ahead to discuss him, get more engrossed in their smear campaign and banal writes, whilst we focus more deliberating on issues and communicating the manifestos of Oba Aguata to the electorates and party delegates.

Umeoji has through his conducts and pedigree, proved to the people of Anambra State that he is the most qualified for the top Job and seat of the 5th Democratically elected Governor of Anambra State unlike others who wants a dubious process that would amplify their criminal aspiration and disunity in the party. If anyone thinks he is more qualified than Oba Aguata, the person should man up and Challenge in the open and through a transparent process not smear campaigns.

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Rt. Hon. Chukwuma Umeoji is a dedicated party man more than anyone in the race, we need to look into his credentials, he has remained active more than any other aspirants, In facts, he is the only member of APGA contesting for the office Governor on the platform of the party, others are mere passerbys who wish to reap where they did not sow; we must caution the fortunate miscreants who are scheming to dominate everybody, exclude everyone and arrogate everything to themselves. We will always resist them with all possible force and means.

The aspiration of Rt. Hon Chukwuma Umeoji is a collective effort and call to serve, by relevant Stakeholders, Traditional Rulers, Religious leaders, politicians across party lines and many, on the other divides; It will be utter foolishness for anyone to challenge his candidacy as it will be an affront to those who begged him to throw his hat in the contest.

Hon. Chukwunonso Umerah
APGA Stalwart from Aguata

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