Anambra: Masked Men On Rampage, Governor should fish out the hooded men in APGA costume

Those petty dicked men who have benefited immensely from APGA led government in Anambra, who are desirous to rubbish Osodieme’s kindhearted disposition have gone under mask, working so hard to destroy Dr Ebelechukwu’s reputation. While Aguleri powerhouse defends her Akpokue, know it, that ndi Ogbunike will not allow her Ada Iguedo to be dragged into the mud by pretentious guttersnippes. Those masked men drumming up war must keep their heads bowed in shame.

Make no mistakes about it, time is ripe in Anambra when political parasites who are milking the state and defecating in the executive lodges be identified and ploughed out of government establishments. To think that you can hide underneath a fouled count and shout “Ofe Ogbono atogbuem” is a clear symptom of demented brain. Those ungrateful,wicked souls are not living in isolation. Effort should be made to scrutinise the system, identify the bad eggs, and do the needful before the advancing political tsunami.

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You cannot eat your cake and have it. Social media is not a hiding place, the brave will always throw caution in the wind and speak the truth without wearing masks. Governor Obiano should urgently, commission a search on the masked men in APGA costume, and ndi Anambra should stop believing stories from these masked men. It’s perilous to digest suchlike sweet words knitted in falsehoods.
The government of the day should recognize the fact that there are masked faces within the corridor trying hard to pull it down, hugely sponsored by invisible hands who are hellbent on destroying the good image of the governor, his hardworking wife. Time to weed out the dried leaves is now.

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Your Excellency, please, pay attention to these expose from Ogene before it’s too late.

Merry Christmas Akpokuedike Aguleri, and his lovely, beautiful Ogbono Osodieme.


Ogbuefi Comr Harris Chuma

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