Anambra Senators, Agents Of Betrayal

By Lawrence C. Nnoli

It is very unfortunate that no Senator from Anambra state voted for electronic transmission of election result during yesterday’s vote at the Senate.

All the Senators from Anambra state viz – Messrs Ifeanyi Ubah, Uche Ekwunife and Stella Oduah clearly abstained from voting. Their abstinence from voting is a betrayal of the people’s trust on them and an act of great public disservice to the desires and yearnings of most people of Anambra state who desire transparency and accountability in our electoral processes.

If there was a time that this trio ought not to have been found missing in action, it was yesterday. Events at the Nigerian Senate yesterday has opened our eyes to who is with us (the people) and who is against us(the people). Clearly, all the three senators from Anambra state are against their people on matters of electoral reforms hence it is apposite to use this medium to let the world know that the actions of the three Senators from Anambra state (in refraining from voting in favour of electronic transmission of results) do not represent the will and desires of most Anambra people.

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The trio by their public disservice of abstaining from voting in support of electronic transmission of results has shown us that they are not different from Buhari and his cabal, (and all other notorious election riggers scattered all over the states in Nigeria).

To even think that these trio have almost effectively pursued their ambitions to rule Anambra state as governor in the past and one of them (Ifeanyi Ubah) is currently an aspirant in the forthcoming November 2021 Anambra gubernatorial election could only mean that the political field of Anambra state needs weeding.

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Of what use is Ifeanyi Ubah, Uche Ekwunife and Stella Oduah to us (at the Senate) if they cannot represent the wishes of the Anambra people?

Indeed it is not only Nigeria that needs salvaging, Anambra state too needs being salvaged.

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