Anambra State: Dr Godwin Maduka’s Developmental Strides

Dr Godwin Maduka’s philanthropic strides has been published by many media platforms across the country. The consensus of these critical voices is that Dr Godwin Maduka has gone above and beyond to make his community a better landscape without disrupting the cultural harmony of the land. However, a deeper engagement and the extent of his philanthropic acts have not been fully explored. While many journalists and bloggers have taken a simple outlook on his interventions within Umuchukwu, Orumba South Local Government Area of Anambra State, they are unable to fully capture the contributions of Dr Godwin Maduka’s passion to make his state and by extension, his nation a conducive space for all by his Umuchukwu homeland.
Dr Godwin Maduka is a Harvard trained US based medical doctor and philanthropist whose philanthropic gestures have received encomiums from the people and recognition from the media. The Founder of the Las Vegas Pain Institute is the 2019 Leadership Excellence Man of the Year for many of his contributions, some of which are the building of a well-equipped hospital, 100 houses for poor and displaced people, and new classrooms at the Immaculate Conception International College, Umuchukwu. He has also built a new police station to ensure security and wellbeing of police and community relations. Nevertheless, Dr Godwin Maduka a new market which has the potentials for farmers and traders from different communities in Anambra to trade and make their livelihood. All his philanthropic gestures in Anambra State have become landmark social and economic infrastructures put in place to enhance existence and create communal and national harmony and growth.
Dr Godwin Maduka is driven by nostalgia, exposure and engagement, which can be described as a three-pronged dimension to development.
His philanthropic gestures stem from a recall of the trials and triumphs of his childhood in a country, and a region where Umuchukwu and its environs remained marginalized and sequestered into grinding poverty so much that social and traditional systems were threadbare and on a brink of collapse.Maduka’s formative outlook on the world recognizes and empathizes with the plight of the people. His childhood story is a gamut of life lessons in humility, resilience, giving of oneself, commitment to work and self-sustainability. These are lessons learnt from his parents and engraved in the foundations of the emerging colossus. These are also the values that elicit nostalgia and the passion for development in Anambra State. Dr Godwin Maduka’s acts has become a signature for a new kind of philanthropy, a genuine forbearance and love. For Maduka, popularly known as the Okosisi Orumba, it is not fulfilling to live in considerable wealth in a state filled with woes and want when the infrastructural solutions are within the realms of personal sacrifices. He considers these sacrifices as a gesture of appreciation to God and to the place that formed him.
Dr Godwin Maduka’s educational journey was also important because of the cosmopolitan perspectives, the international awareness to both infrastructural development and advancement in medicine. Coupled with long years of reputable medical practice in the United States, the realization of the comparative social and infrastructural gulfs between homeland and migrant spaces become adversely prodigious. Dr Godwin Maduka’s expertise as a Pharmacist, an Anaethesiologist and a top-rated medical doctor stems not only as a subtle extension of his father’s craft but also an extension of a personal desire to solve problems and be a part of those who contribute to the happiness and harmony in the world. While Dr Maduka’s journey looks forward, he has not been afraid to look back; to reflect and to return to contribute to the challenges of his state. His personal philosophy of Aku rue ulo (Think Home) can be equated to a Sankofa principle that urges us never to forget or abandon the memory and landscape of the homeland.
There are many Nigerians-in-Diaspora who have given up on the state and have become reclusive of the homeland in many ways. They have adopted the individualist identity of the West as against the communal realities of the African homeland. Dr Maduka’s developmental interventions are driven by consultative engagements with the people in the state, they are not products stemming from pompous popularity contests or epic boasts of ego. Dr Maduka takes his time to consult with the Anambra State Association of Town Unions in order to clearly understand the needs of the people and the impact of developmental projects for his people. This has led him to sponsor hundreds of young minds to primary, secondary and tertiary institutions in order to groom a new generation of thinkers and professionals in all fields.
He also attends to the concerns of young entrepreneurs, start-up businessmen and women, through his microfinance programme where he gives free grants to those who desire to be the economic bastion of their families on a daily basis. His resolve to dot the landscape with happiness can also be seen in his ongoing treatment of diseases for indigent people at the Annunciation Hospital in Enugu and the deployment of earth moving machines for the construction of roads in Ogbunka and Owerre Ezukala towns. These gestures will go a long way to give the people a sense of belonginess and unity. This has made the IgbereNews, an eastern based and nationally – focused media to claim ownership by laurelling him an award recognizing his state-wide philanthropic gestures. The Anambra State Association of Town Unions have also recognized him for his service to humanity in the state.
The above shows that Dr Maduka extends to Anambra as he embodies the communal ideals of the Igbo people, a people who have created systems that support social and economic ambitions. Dr Maduka did not return to the homeland to bamboozle his fellow countrymen; he takes to engage and involve his people in the need analysis and the deployment of development so that they claim ownership for the agencies of development put in place by selfless philanthropy. It is this love for his homeland that has made him bring together a balance of both worlds and a clear hindsight of international acceptable practices in making life easier and liveable for his people.

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