Anambra State House of Assembly 2019: Why You Should Vote Hon, Ifezue Okechukwu Obinna

*Why You Should Vote Hon, Ifezue Okechukwu Obinna*

The society can only thrive on the shoulders of the young. The young are residual in the society(so to speak). The young are energetic, vibrant and goal oriented.
Hon, Ifezue Okechukwu Obinna, the State House of Assembly candidate of the Social Democratic Party (SDP)for the Awka South constituency 2 of Anambra State, stands out as the most suitable candidate. A leader is known by his patriotism, compassion for the people, drive and concern for the wellbeing and benefit of his people. Hon Ifezue Okechukwu Obinna has written his name in the sands of time as a distinguished and unbiased politician. A fearless and outspoken man as long as the interest of the masses is being jeopardised. A man committed to seeing people emerge from nothingness to something. A man with the fear of God. All seems for the restoration of the lost glory and Him Ifezue Okechukwu Obinna stands the best choice to lead Awka South constituency 2 into their political promised Land and inheritance.
As a young man in his mid thirties, he stands more physically fit, mentally string to withstand odd pushes, emotionally fortified against the bickering experienced in the polity system.

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Hon Ifezue Okechukwu Obinna revealed that a major compelling force for his political fight into the State House of Assembly is to help effect political reform in the house, forestall good governance in Anambra state. Hon Ifezue Okechukwu Obinna has decided to employ and out to effect use his wealth of experience garnered in different successful field of endeavours(politics and business not excluded). Haven experienced life in all sphere both here in Anambra and Nigeria at large, has voluntarily chosen to lead and fight for the just cause of the youth in the social, political, educational, business, and all forms if rehabilitation.

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Vote Ifezue Okechukwu Obinna .
Vote For SDP.
Written By Godwin (Akelicious)

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