Apart From Tinubu, These Are 2 People That Can Secure 2023 Presidency For The S-West


If leaders of the All Progressive Congress can stick to their 2014 zoning arrangement and consider the Southern region for the Party ticket, former governor of Lagos State, Bola Tinubu may have a lot of people to contend with.

Presently, Tinubu is the major gladiator who is expected to use his influence and affluence to restle power from the northern oligarchy in 2023.

But considering the crops of competent politicians in his region that may also be interested in the job, Tinubu might not really end up been the preferred choice of both the north and the south.

Already, the APC national leader is fighting tooth and nails to maintain his politcal lane and leadership status at the National level of the party due to some conspiracy against his ambition.

Tinubu is dead serious about 2023 game. The northerners are aware of this and they seem not ready to tag along with that move. If the conspiracy and power play eventually override the big masquerade of Lagos and keep him at bay, these two respected politicians from the southwest can perfectly fit into the shoe.

1. Babatunde Fashola

Going by his pedigree as a former Lagos governor and his experience as federal minister under the current administration, Fashola is imbued with enough experience to drive the southwest agenda.

Besides, Fashola apart from his brilliance also command more respect among the northern leaders due to the way he handles sensitive political matters within the party. 

And for him to have presided over a complex state like Lagos for eight years and leave behind sterling track records shows that he can deliver if given the chance to drive the affairs of the country. If the zoning arrangement comes to play and Fashola is tipped to run, his chance of securing the seat of power for the southwest is relatively high.

2. Professor Yemi Osinbajo

The vice president of Nigeria has been one of the biggest driver of president Buhari’s administration. Unfortunately, he appears to have been limited in what he can do as a loyal vice president who will need to take order from his boss for any national assignment.

Osinbajo has everything it takes to move Nigeria forward and on several occasions, he has demonstrated this quality. This has also been noticed by the APC leaders who will prefer someone like him that can build on Buhari’s legacies and injects fresh ideas into the system.

If the ticket is eventually zoned to the South and Osinbajo is encouraged to run, either him or Babatunde Fashola will be preferred ahead of any other person in the region. And they will command more respect as technocrats.

If you think there is a better candidate that can win the ticket for the southwest, kindly drop your suggestion in the comments box

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