APC Blasts Iris Medical Foundation for Blackmailing COVID-19 Task Force Members

Our attention has been drawn to the false, malicious, empty and misleading article written against the leadership and members of the Presidential Taskforce for the control of coronavirus pandemic in Nigeria by the Managing Director of Iris Medical Foundation Drugs and Pharmaceutical, Dr. Paul Olisa Ojeih in some online news media.

In a statement released to newsmen in Abuja by the National Publicity Secretary of APC Mandate Defenders, Mr.  Ifeanyi Emeka, the group said it would have ordinarily ignored the rabble-rouser who is desperately looking for the attention he does not deserve with his untested, unverified and hypothetical claim on finding cure to the novel pandemic in the country, but because he shamelessly embarked on running negative publicity and blackmail against the members of the Presidential Taskforce who have been working out their hearts and energies to contain the spread of the virus as well as eliminate it from the country, we decided to respond to the medical blackmailer.

It will be recalled that since the outbreak of covid-19 pandemic, many Nigerians have come out with different claims and counter claims on how they have found cure to the novel virus but none has done the needful by testing his or her claim on a ‘lab rat’ let alone testing it on human being but all they do is to rush to media to make claims on how they have found cure to the virus just to grab media attention.

So, that was the case of one Dr. Paul Ojeih who has not done the needful but want the Presidential Taskforce and the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control to entrust the lives of Nigerians to his Iris Medical Foundation Drugs and Pharmaceuticals for ‘try and error’ kind of treatment.

But when he was asked to do the needful by relevant authorities because no government would allow the lives of its citizens to be put to terminal risk all in the name of untested claim or hypothesis over covid-19 cure.

Instead of coming forward with good answer, Dr. Ojeih decides to embark on negative publicity against members of the Presidential Taskforce.

We therefore urge Nigerians to ignore Dr. Paul Olisa Ojeih and his untested ‘Venedi Elixir’ drugs because scientific claim has procedures for believability.If Dr. Ojeih did not know this simple truth about scientific researches or discoveries, but decides to spread lies about coronavirus and against the leadership and members of the Presidential Task force on Covid-19, we therefore wonder how Dr. Paul Ojeih qualified to become a medical practitioner in the first place.We therefore call on Nigerians to continue to obey medical advice by NCDC as well as the directives and guidelines by the Presidential Task Force as we take individual responsibility in our collective fight to defeat and dislodge coronavirus pandemic from Nigeria.


Mr. Ifeanyi Emeka,
National Publicity Secretary,
APC Mandate Defenders

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  1. We will not neglect Dr. Paul Ojeih. Your party that came in on the wheels of propaganda and criticisms, and you are telling Nigerians to ignore Dr. Paul. We will not.
    If doubt his capabilities, then give him the opportunity to prove himself, and if he fails 5hen you can even jail him for calling the Chairman of the PTF and his team names.
    You don’t have to defend every criticism as a party please.
    I believe it will present a soft landing for the PTF and our the Country on the World map for good.

  2. I am shocked and disappointed with this APC statement. This is a party and government that is bringing in a plane load of herbal drugs which has not gone through any clinical trials for the treatment of convid 19, yet refused to accept a drug that has Nafdac certification.
    The man has not claimed to develop a vaccine for the virus, bit his claim is that his already approved drug, Venedi elexir can treat and cure the virus just like we are using chloroquine and drugs not originally designed for the virus.

    1. Must the APC politicize everything? Why is there so much paranoiance within their circle? They are quick to come hard on issues even if there’s truth in what people are saying.

  3. Let us give him the benefit of the doubt. He even promised to Inject himself with the virus and treat same. Habaaaaa Nigeria

  4. What do you expect from a government with no idea on how to lead? If Dr Paul claims he has a cure while not support him or made fund available to further carry out checks about the efficacy of the said drugs under the supervision of NCDC and NAFDAC?
    Those that voted you guys into power are to blame… May God deliver us from your hands in Jesus name.

  5. What about the life’s of the hundreds that has died in your isolation centres?
    Does the cure have to come from Europe or America?
    Give him one bad case to try

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