APC, PDP Trade Words Over Ishaku’s Performance

The performance of Governor Darius Ishaku of Taraba has been a matter of discourse between the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and the main opposition party in the state, All Progressives Congress (APC). 

Few weeks ago, Governor Ishaku, after hosting the North- East Governors’ Forum meeting in Jalingo Tuesday, July 6, left for Abuja on Wednesday. And on Thursday, July 8, he was a guest on Channels Television, where he spoke about his achievements so far, claiming categorically that he has worked in all the 168 wards across the state. 

However, the state chapter of the APC, which was not comfortable with the governor’s claims, called a press conference, and debunked all the claims. 

Chairman of the party in the state, Barrister Ibrahim Tukur El-Sudi accused Governor Ishaku of under-performance, reiterating that he has not commissioned a single project since the inception of his administration as the Governor of the state. 

According to El-Sudi, “We want to debunk the outrageous claims by Governor Darius Ishaku in an interview on one of the national television station that he has executed projects in all the 168 wards of the state, we totally disagree with him because this is a deliberate move to mislead the general public. As far as development is concerned; Taraba state is the least developed state in the Northeast region, it’s a shameful thing for Ishaku not to have commissioned a single project since he assumed office six years ago. 

“I am shocked to have seen Ishaku saying what he claimed, instead of him burying his face in shame and admit that his tenure is nothing but total failure, he went about claiming he has executed projects in all the 168 wards in the state, I say without mincing words that Governor Ishaku is a Pathological Liar, I challenged him to do a documentary of all the projects he claimed he has executed and prove to the world on national televisions.” 

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Lamenting that all Tarabans, irrespective of religious, tribes and party affiliations “are in penury and in pains that we elected somebody who came to tell lies to Nigerians that he had worked” they challenged Ishaku to be man enough to conduct media practitioners in the state round the projects “he is claiming to have put in place in the entire 168 wards.” 

Citing the former administration led by late governor Danbaba Suntai, who they said ignited development to the state by constructing four kilometers roads in all the sixteen local government councils of the state, the governor, as suggested by the party should concentrate on how to move the state forward and resist from “telling lies to Nigerians and the world at large.” 

In his defence of the governor, the PDP through its publicity secretary, Andeta’rang Irammae said Mr El-Sudi has no locus standi to accuse Ishaku of under-developing the state. 

Irammae, however, enjoined the general public to disregard the APC’s claim, insisting that it was out of hatred and malice. 

His words: “The National Chairman of the APC should thank Governor Darius Ishaku for coming out to brandish his achievements in one of the national television station which angered the APC Chairman in Taraba to have called for press briefing just to tarnish the image of the Governor by calling him names hence the need for me to respond, if not, nobody knows if APC exists as a political party in Taraba State. Their stock in trade is to misinform the public to gain sympathy forgetting the fact that from the onset, PDP is the only and forever party to be in Taraba state”. 

Speaking further, he stated that Governor Ishaku has justified his Mandate given to him by Tarabans, maintaining that Ishaku has brought government closer to the doorsteps of Tarabans giving example with his ward Bika in Yengtu Special Development Area of the state, which is few minutes away from Takum Local Government Council,

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Irammae added that a road, which was abandoned 70 years ago was opened up by the Ishaku led administration, and that the people no longer go to the stream for water again because Ishaku has provided them with potable water and they enjoy 24 hours electricity. 

“Also, a gentle reminder to Mr El-Sudi who claimed that Ishaku has not commissioned a single project since the inception of his tenure, where was he or where were they when the Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo came to commission laudable projects in the state? Let me also update the APC Chairman who seems to be deaf and blind that he cannot hear or see anything good in Ishaku’s administration, that apart from 168 wards, we have 1, 912 polling units which Ishaku’s developmental strides cut across, may be El-Sudi has no ward in Taraba or has not been visiting his ward,” he said 

He went further to say that before the emergence of Ishaku as the governor, the state-owned University had less than five Professors. “The APC claimed that students at the university have never had it this bad, with series of strikes, I want to state it categorically clear that we all know that strike is a national issue and thank God, the Governor has intervened and the institution recently had a graduation and will by God’s grace, graduate another set before the end of this year. 

“Let me also respond by saying that the university has never had it this smooth as it is during Ishaku administration, because as we talk, the university can boast of 50 Professors, the university used to have only 5 or 6 faculties, but they are now offering Law, they have also introduced Health Sciences, Communication and Media Studies Management courses and the rest, the University is now ranked among the 30 best universities in Nigeria. Before now, the university was ranked number 96, and I tell you before the expiration of this administration, Ishaku will upgrade the institution to be among the best 5 universities in the country. 

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“The University senate building has been functional since last year, the e-library also is now fully functional. So, what else do the APC want? Looking through the window, you can see a gigantic project going on there on top of the mountain where a 5-million litre reservoir is going on to cater for the water needs of the people in the Jalingo metropolis which I believe El-Sudi is aware of. 

“The Governor was recognized and awarded the best Water Governor of the year recently in Lagos, I am happy the public is watching keenly and their sense of judgment is different from that of APC, to us, APC can best be described as an orphan in the state because it has never won election and can never win election in Taraba state because people have known their evil intentions hence the need for them to make the loudest noise to attract sympathy in other to malign PDP name that we have over the years earned through hard work,” he added. 

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