We are making good progress under the APC administration. We have succeeded in getting the Naira to exchange for N460/$1; we have also been able to borrow enough money that debt servicing in H1 was 99% of revenue.

We have also been able to get our people to eat local rice at the cost N22,000/50kg bag that was sold at N9,000 in 2015. We have also successfully raised the prices of all food items between 80% – 250%, thanks to the inept management of interstate travel ban for individuals and non-essential goods that turned our highways to toll gates and extortion centers raising the cost of transporting farm produce, agricultural commodities and manufactured/imported food items.

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Another great success was scored in the battle against insecurity. We have democratized it and applied the Federal character principles by spreading it from the NE to the NC, SE and SW through the activities of the herdsmen.

Then we skillfully spread it to the NW with the help of the bandits and further expanded the activities of the kidnappers in the SW and NC.

These interventions have equitably distributed income and increased government revenues as well as created employment across the country.

We are going to appropriately price electricity next month by increasing it to the level obtainable in developed countries in line with international best practices. We just increased IGR in an innovative way by increasing VAT to 7.5% and making the payment of stamp duties on bank transactions mandatory. Now it is legal for financial institutions to steal from Nigerians in the name of stamp duty, account maintenance, etc. Under our watch, we have been able to successfully forced Yahoo boys of the street by empowering SaRs and it’s likes to kill and harass anyone assumed to be one, while handing the power to scam Nigerians back to Banks!

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Soon we will complete the handling over of some of our highways to companies to manage and maintain from the tolls they will collect from the roads.

We are thinking of a way to safeguard the health of our dear citizens and one beautiful suggestion we are still considering is the introduction of a virus tax to raise money to fight future pandemics which are likely to be with us.

Our score card has been and seen a healthy rise in prices, taxes, revenues, suffering and poverty in the nation.

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We are APC, we are Progressive, we brought change, now we are taking Nigeria to the next level!

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