Apologies To Me Now, Bandits Can Kill You – Mbaka Warns Buhari’s Aide, Garba

Reverend Ejike Mbaka of the Adoration Ministry at Enugu has replied Presidential aide, Garba Sheu to apologise to him and also warns him that Bandits can kill him too even with all the security.

These tugs of wars has been on between Presidency and Rev Mbaka since last week as the Reverend call on the resignation of President Buhari due to constant threat to people’s life and the level of insecurity in Nigeria. In his statements, he called on the President to resign honourably because if it’s in a civilised country, the President would have resigned.

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The Presidency replied Mbaka, and accused him of blabbing because the Government refused to give him contractual favour by President Buhari. The Presidential aide revealed that Mbaka who came with three contract ask for contracts as compensation for his supports for President Buhari, Garba Sheu alleges in his viral tweet. Presidency also warns him that they would report him to the Pope.

Rev. Ejike Mbaka called the Senior Special Assistant to Buhari to apologise to him and describe Garba’s accusations as laughable. He warns him to be careful as the mouthpiece of President Buhari, as even the Bandits can kill him too despite the amounts of security.

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He revealed that “they have shown not to have reward mechanisms. Garba Sheu should be apologising to me”.

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