Are Yoruba’s Historically Tied To Igbo’s

I have realised unusual attachment or prefixation of the word”Igbo” to some Yoruba towns. Igbo-ona is a very good example, a sub cultural and ethnic Yoruba scattered across present day osun and ekiti state. We may also take notice if another ancient Yoruba town “ijebu-igbo” located in Ogun state. Other Yoruba/Igbo towns include, igbomina town/tribe, Igbo-ona, igbo-ijesha, igbo-orangun, igbo-igbaja, located mostly in ekiti state. Ooni of ife, a prominent Yoruba ruler, in recent time has continue to stress the historical tie between Yoruba and Igbo. Could yoruba’s be sub-decendants of Igbo’s?

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