As Ogbunike Bleeds: let’s rise and reclaim the land

Dr. Harris Chuma-Odili

By: Dr. Harris Chuma-Odili, FCMsp

While Igwe Ositadimma Umenyiora was with us flesh and blood, many progressive minded sons and daughters of Ogbunike had sought ways to restore the dwindling fortunes of the cave town. Interest groups had emerged all in a bid to fasttrack development in Ogbunike. Unfortunately, many unserious people who constituted members of the various interest groups quietly withdrew from the struggle (reasons best known to them). Who did this to us?

Reminiscing 3years ago, precisely a year before Ezedioramma 1 joined his ancestors, another promising interest group known as Ogbunike Town Development Initiative OTDI was birthed to assist in fast tracking developments in the town. And your darling Ogene Ogbunike Dr Chuma-Odili Harris Udokamma was appointed Media/Publicity & Strategy Director. Just as I set out to do my job calling on all wellmeaning great sons and daughters of Ogbunike to key into OTDI projects and help grow the town, some shameless politicians ran to Agu Awka to peddle lies to the governor’s wife that Ogene was mobilizing against her, and reigning insults on the government led by our inlaw. A false allegation orchestrated to shutdown OTDI. These shameless Ogbunike indigenes in government and contractors who hated the voice of truth gathered to issue Press statement that Ogene was not speaking for Ogbunike, they warned that Ogene should stop calling out the government to address infrastructural deficits in the town.

According to the shameless bulkheads, Ogene was playing opposition politics. They ganged up against Ogene to stop the campaign for a better Ogbunike. They wrote DSS, Police, and other security operatives to take Ogene from his writings. And things worsened, Ogbunike is now on bended knee because of these shameless politicians who feel they own the town. Ironically, today they are building palaces, erecting mighty pillars desperately eying the crown of shame.

Ogbuinke, here me loud, today, we are unfortunately harvesting the seeds of discord, hatred and malice sowed by these wicked and shameless politicians in our town. We must rise now, and say enough is enough! It’s a common sense revolution. Do not keep quiet.

Recently, Ogene Ogbunike, created a platform craftily designed to mobilise and collaborate with deep spirited individuals in Ogbunike on how best to get the town back on track, Team Make Ogbunike Great TMOG called for security Summit and Youths empowerment programs. Same shameless politicians went about town and labelled it a “one-man-show”. They vigorously campaigned against the concept and dissuaded unsuspecting citizens not to attend. For the selfish and shameless politicians, they posited that as long as it’s coming from Ogene, they would not be involved.

Sadly, we are all living in fears, unchecked leadership crises have thrown our beloved town into turmoil. Those who are benefiting from Ogbunike’s travails are not ready to even accord the deceased Ezedioramma1 final and befitting burial, they have extended the emptiness we feel, the leadership vacuum has worsened our lives, nothing seems to be working. There’s a general feeling of emptiness, frustration and anguish in the land. The leadership brouhaha in Ogbunike has thrown us naked to invading, and rampaging men of underworld who are capitalizing on our unfortunate situation to cause mayhem and wreck havocs on innocent people. Blood on the streets, fears of unknown pervades the once peaceful and quiet town. God, where are you, please, come and help us.

Let’s return to God in repentance and supplications. Let’s ask our ancestors to run to our aid for days are evil. Let ana Ogbunike rise on our defense. Brothers and sisters, it’s time to stop massaging our egos, let’s come together and save our land, our people, the weak ones amongst us. Let’s save Ogbunike.

We must wake up and reclaim Ogbunike. Do not give up. It’s now or never. Do not be scared. Get ready for the battle to reclaim Ogbunike from the hands of enemies of progress.
Stand up and be counted! Reclaim Ogbunike Now!

No more tears, no more weeping and wailing in the land. The time is now, “Operation Reclaim Ogbunike”. Get to work, be civil, but protect yourself, and Ogbunike!

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