ASUU strike and Covid19 PANDEMIC: Matters Arising


As cases rise exponentially our Universities are shutdown due to strike. Who has bewitched us as a nation? Do you know, base on our mathematical model, the PANDEMIC in Nigeria will extend till June?

We suddenly shared billions of naira to supposedly poor people in which we don’t have their database but we cannot fix our University system.

Do you know that lecturers from Federal Universities have not received their salaries since January 2020? Including Professors in our Teaching Hospitals yet we want to invite Chinese medics to come and help us while our best brains are sitting down at home.

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My Suggestions to Federal Government:

  1. As a matter of urgency pay all University lectures their salaries from January 2020 to March 2020. Let them resume and support this fight at their various Institutions while students should remain at home.
  2. Recall Virologist and Vaccinologist and give them one week task to come up with a workable framework for testing kits and vaccines for Covid19
  3. Just give Nigeria Medical Lab Science Council 1 billion naira and task them to come up with a testing kits. Within few days you will get a viable and sensitive test kits produce by Nigerians
  4. It baffles me to see how some states of the Federation are engaged in Fumigation without not doing air sample analysis. Can we engage Professors of Environmental sciences with NESRA to do air sample analysis of our epicenter states so as to advise if fumigation should take place or not
  5. NCDC should involve professors so that we can standardize protocols for testing algorithms, prevention and treatment regimens.
  6. We must make a deliberate effort as a country to look inward for solutions to the Covid19.
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Thank you

Akyala Ishaku PhD

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