BBC reporters and another failed attempt to bring Mbaka’s image to disrepute

For home based journalists in Enugu and visiting journalists who have been covering Rev Fr. Ejike Mbaka, Spiritual Director of the Adoration Ministry, and events at the Adoration Centre, no journalist has ever been harassed or molested.

It doesn’t mean that there have not been unfavourable reports against the man of God, but he has been open to the media and friendly too.

So, why will the visiting BBC team be an exception?

The true story.

The BBC team were led to the Adoration ground by one Rev Fr. Cajetan Obiekezie from Anambra State.

Recall that the same priest not long ago granted an interview alleging that Mbaka has been bought over by President Buhari.

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In-fact for him, Mbaka was living in Aso Rock. He insinuated so much in that report inciting the youth and IPOB against Mbaka.
That report was carried by the BBC.

On this fateful Wednesday, this same Fr. Obiekezie, whoever he is working for, brought this team of newsmen from BBC to interview Mbaka.

Mbaka was not aware of the arrangement and never new his brother priest came with journalists.

All the while, the priest was worrying Mbaka for an interview under the guise that his Diocese in Anambra was preparing for a programme and wanted his comments.
NB: He never mentioned he was with journalists.

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Unfortunately for the journalists, they were identified as the same who did the damaging report- an interview granted by same Fr. Obiekezie.

Put one and one together and some of the Adoration faithful engaged the journalists and in the ensuing exchange of words between the two parties, tempers began to rise.

Fr. Mbaka arrived in good time to save the situation and ensured that nobody was hurt and their property intact.

Questions begging for answer?

BBC has a reporter in Enugu. Why was she not involved in the trip if there were no hidden agenda?

Why would the same priest who granted them the damaging interview be the same to lead them to Mbaka?

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Why did the same priest hide it from Mbaka that he brought some journalists instead of pretending he was the one that wanted the interview?

It is also possible that the journalists in question did not have all these facts.

We still thank God it is Fr. Mbaka. No need mentioning names but it would have been a different story if some other persons were involved.

It was surely another failed attempt to bring the towering image of Mbaka to disrepute.

Mbaka has, however moved on with his charity work.

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