#Bbnaija: Don’t Ever Shut Me Up When I Am Trying To Talk To You – White Money Warned Pere

White Money and Pere

BBN Housemate, White Money, warned fellow Housemate, Pere, not to ever shut him up when he’s trying to talk to him.

White Money made this known during a conversation with Pere at the Game Lounge earlier this evening.

White Money’s made this warning after he had a disagreement with Pere at the lounge.

I know you would be wondering why Pere and White Money are having problems with each other again.

You would recall that both Housemates were not in a good relationship at the early stages of Show.

In fact, both Housemates nearly had a physical fight at that point in time.

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However, things seem to be different between them in the last couple of weeks.

What really caused the disagreement between White Money and Pere

Earlier today, Pere was looking for his face towel after taking his bath.

Just as expected, he asked all the Housemates to help him check their bed space for it.

After the search was unsuccessful, Pere made it clear that he spotted some towels at White Money’s bed space some days ago.

White Money tried to explain the situation to Pere. However, he was clearly uninterested as he indirectly shut White Money up.

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What White Money did after Pere shut him up

White Money didn’t appreciate Pere’s attitude towards him earlier today. He walked up to Pere at the Game Lounge to settle their differences.

White Money made it clear during the discussion that he would not allow Pere disrespect him anymore in the House.

According to White Money, Pere can’t continue to look down at everyone in the House.

In a very calm tone, White Money said: “You indirectly shut me up two times when I tried to explain the towel stuff to you. Don’t ever shut me up when I am trying to talk you”.

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