Buhari Administration To Produce Electoral Amendment Bill Soon

Buhari Administration To Produce Electoral Amendment Bill Soon

The Senior Special Adviser to the President Public Affairs, Mr. Ajuri Ngalele declared among a host of other matters that the Administration of President President Muhamadu Buhari would amongst other things deliver an amendment to the electoral bill that would favour Nigerians as against the one designed by the 8th assembly to favour themselves and other politicians, long before 2023.

Mr. Ajuri stated this while fielding questions from the host and public on Radio Nigeria’s weekly informative program; “Have Your Say”. On the issue of policy implementation especially as regards to the last year, he was of the opinion that it is so far so good as no one could have envisaged a global pandemic, but the threat to our economy has been controlled due to prompt and fastidious policies and actions taken by the government.

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“We have mitigated the economic impact of COVID-19 by the establishment of the Economic Sustainability Committee that in turn birthed the 2.3T Economic Sustainability Plan whose implementation is being chaired by Prof. Osinbajo. The aim of which is to jump start the economy and prevent it going into a full blown recession.”

“Other noticeable achievements include the restructuring of our fiscal calendar back to January to December and this it must be said is due to the close relationship between the Presidency and the leaders of both houses of Assembly. October 2019 also witnessed the signing into law of the deep offshore production bill which aims to improve revenue generated from oil by 500million to 1.5billion.”

When asked about the President’s pledge to bring out 100m Nigerians from poverty in 10 years, Mr. Ajuri said that the plans are already under way especially with regards to the Finance bill that was signed in January 2020 that excluded MSME’s with less than 25m worth to be excluded from paying Company Income Tax while those between 25 – 50 million also saw the percentage they are to pay halved.

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On the fight against corruption, Mr. Ajuri alluded to high level meetings going on between the Executives, Legislatives and Judiciary as regards reforms to be put in place to actualize the Presidents lofty Ideas and hopefully they would soon make headway. One of such is the time taken to actually get verdicts on criminal and civil cases. He wants a time cap as that which was successfully implemented in the electoral process.

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As for visible evidence, he clearly pointed out that while the sum of 1.28trillion has been recovered by (just) the EFCC in the last decade 2009 – 2019, the figures accrued from 2009 – 2015 is 280billion while the rest of the over 900billion occurred within this administration and the number of APC chieftains currently behind bars is further testament to their commitment to rounding out corruption.

Mr. Ajuri rounded up by asking Nigerians to divest from Politics at this moment and join hands to ensure that they are part and parcel of the policies of the Buhari/Osinbajo Administration.

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