Buhari Must Not Be Derailed By Charlatans!


It is a fact that detractors of the All Progressives Congress (APC), ruling party will never admit that all positive results and claims itemized by the Federal Government in the three prioritized thrusts of the Change mantra of adequate security, war against corruption and the fight against insurgency were on course, but their mischief would not distort the glaring truth of those achievements within the period of the past four years!

Crimes and criminalities have reduced drastically, kidnappings, armed robberies, human trafficking, pastoral/farmers clashes, gunmen attacks, and Boko Haram terrorism onslaughts etc, have been contained to the barest minimum while the war against corruption has proved to be a respecter of no person or persons! A former Attorney General of the Federation, was recently arrested in Dubai in connection to fraud!

The Niger Delta insurgents have sheath their swords and have supported President Buhari to probe the over 1trillion naira, appropriated between 2005- 2019, to the Niger Delta Development Commission (NNDC), for strategic structural developments which could not be located anywhere in the region.
The Armed Forces, Police, Department of State Security and all stake holders in the fight against terror, including the local vigilantes in all the 774 local governments areas are all united to bring to a permanent end all manner of violence that have ravaged the nation for too long!
President Buhari and his genuine, original APC founding members from the Action Congress (AC), All Nigeria Progressives Party (ANPP), Congress for Progressive Change (CPC), (except for the New Peoples Democratic Party (N-PDP), who were mere opportunists and most of whom have been divinely jettisoned from the party), can now access clearly that those moles almost derailed the change agenda before! During and even after the 2019 General Elections! They defected en-masse to the PDP to consume their vomit but for divine intervention, APC still had the day up to the Supreme Court decision of Wednesday, 11September, 2019, which they still want reversed if possible!


We believe that the next 42 months should be the most crucial in the life of APC which revolutionized and overthrew the unrepentant vicious cycle of taskmasters of consecutive PDP Governments of 16 years, 1999-2015, but neither exhibited remorse nor penitence!
President Buhari needed to remind himself that it was providence that gave him another shot at the presidency on the FOURTH attempt in 2015, having contested fruitlessly 2003, 2007, 2011, respectively!
That his first term was a near disaster, because of a breach amongst his so-called close allies and an unfaithful inherited security agencies which could not even detect the “successful” National Assembly (NASS), coup de tat by Saraki and his cohorts which caught the nation agape, moping and embarrassed!
The success of the first term which witnessed a recession of three consecutive quarters, virtually slowed down the pace of achievements especially with the brazen confrontations of the notorious 8th NASS which represented a very nasty and clandestine opposition throughout its 48 months of atrocities against the ruling government, but were eventually surmounted through the special grace of God!
The President should remind himself that the remaining 42 months of this second and final months, could fly past in a twinkle of an eye if judicious care was not employed to work every SECOND of the hour for positive gains in all sectors of the common goal! HE SHOULD MAINTAIN THE PARTIAL BORDER CLOSURE UNTIL 2023!
President Buhari should realize that only few of his “associates” had similar ideologies and integrity like him because majority of them are political jobbers whose “modus operandi” is to follow the winning team irrespective of their clout!
He should remember that while he was on vacation recently, all manner of permutations in respect of the 2023 General Elections dominated the political space in his absence to suffocate him and Vice President ‘Yemi Osinbajo, and re-direct the tempo of governance in its determined focus to complete the agenda of its concrete manifestoes!
“Once beaten twice shy,” the President should not take the current 9th NASS Legislators on their face value and continue to sing their praises about being co-operative in their working relations with the Executive! It’s all farce! Each of them is after how much money they could garner between now and 2023, for them to remain relevant in the electoral race!
How many of the present crop of APC Legislators can be trusted to support him righteously in the execution of the 2018 Budget which is about to dovetail into the 2019 Appropriation Document which was submitted early to return the January to December Budget cycle? Has the President forgotten so soon that most of them ported to APC from PDP for position of authority and financial gains?
Recently the President, acting ICPC’s report that Legislators had been appropriated with 1 trillion naira worth of Constituency projects between 2011-2019, with no concrete project on ground to show to the grassroot and has called for probe. But the lower house has denied the allegation and claimed that he was misinformed because they were not contractors!
The President has few honourable friends among these mixed multitude and he should not allow them to derail his plans for the betterment of the TALAKAWAS whom he pledged to defend to the uttermost!

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Some Nigerian Legislators always cast overboard constitutional financial procedures, when they were desperate to grab un-entitled monetary allowances from the common wealth irrespective of what the sacred document of the “WE THE PEOPLE” said! But there are certain facts that must be put in their proper perspectives to remind those set of politicians that they had long been exposed by one of them in 2016 for legislative pilfering outside of their legitimate salaries, allowances and emoluments under the cover of oversight functions of constituency allowances!
Reproduced below is the true confession of the then Chairman of the House of Representatives Finance Committee:
“HOW WE SHARED NIGERIA MONEY BY HON. Abdulmumin JUBRIN “I got N650 million as my running cost as the Chairman of Appropriation Committee. Speaker Yakubu Dogara got N1.5 billion, His Deputy Yusuf Lasun got N800 million. House Majority Leader Femi Gbajabiamila got N1.2 billion; Deputy Majority Leader Buba Jibrin got N1.2 billion. House Whip Alhassan Ado Doguwa got N1.2 billion, Deputy House Whip got N700 million. House Minority Leader Leo Ogor got N1.2 billion, Deputy Minority Leader Onyema got N800 million. Minority Whip got N700 million, Deputy Minority Whip got N700 million. I have documents to back up all these.
“I wish to draw your attention to the fact that since you suspended me yesterday and the suggestion of the Ethics Committee report that my allegations were generalized and without proof, I have come under intense public scrutiny and pressure to prove that there exists systemic corruption in the House. I have taken it as a responsibility to prove to the public that the House is a den of systemic corruption. As colleagues, I have bound with many of you and built a life long friendship. “I have some of you that I hold in high esteem. If you end up at the receiving end of the actions I will be taking up in the next few days, I want you to know there is nothing personal but commitment and fervent desire to ensure that corruption is wiped out of the House and reforms that will restore the battered image of the House and take back the House to the Nigerian people is implemented. Consequent upon the above and before I proceed with the aggressive steps I intend to take, I hereby DEMAND that if you have illegally taken or stolen any money meant for the RUNNING COST OF YOUR OFFICES FOR YOUR ENTIRE STAY IN THE HOUSE, YOU SHOULD RETURN THE MONEY WITHIN ONE WEEK TO THE CLERK OF THE NATIONAL ASSEMBLY AND FOR THE PURPOSE OF CLARITY, I AM REFERRING TO ABOUT 10 MILLION NAIRA YOU COLLECT FROM TAX PAYERS’ MONEY MONTHLY. THE CLERK WILL PROVIDE YOU WITH OFFICIAL ACCOUNT DETAILS, FAILURE OF WHICH I WILL TAKE NECESSARY ACTION TO ENSURE THAT YOU RETURN ANY MONEY STOLEN AND STAND WITNESS AGAINST YOU IN CASE OF PROSECUTION.”
Abulmumin was promptly suspended from legislative sittings for one calendar year; he went to court, won the case he instituted against the House leadership, was paid all of his emoluments for the period lost and reinstated! Did that matter die a natural death? Of course, but the same House still challenges President Buhari to a CONTEST OF INTEGRITY!

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According to the Chairman of the Revenue Mobilisation Allocation and Fiscal Commission (RMAFC), the wardrobe allowance of legislators is 25% of their basic salary which is N506,600 per annum not N17million or N20 million as was reported in the newspapers! We shall give Mr. Chairman benefit of the doubt but we urge the electorate to watch closely every move of these lawmakers, majority of who were used to collecting the quarterly jumbo Constituency Allowances, because we are now aware that the monthly pay packets of legislators in the green and red chambers are N1.8million and N2 million respectively which we believe are still on the high side! We will still continue to agitate and insist that legislative duties should be on part time engagement in which only sitting and transport allowances would be paid as at when due considering the socio-economic realities on ground!

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This should serve as a faithful warning to President Buhari to depend on God’s wisdom on this last lap and not on charlatans who are bent on discrediting his cherished reputation and integrity. He should be more focused, cut down on foreign trips, listen to the suffering masses who still believe he could still resolve their predicaments! The President should ask his faithful Chief of Staff to bring out the barrage of petitions written by those who seek redress for several injustices of the past and present and grant them desired reprieve! President should live up to his name and leave behind a legacy that would be difficult to attain by those who would come after him! “A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches, and loving favour rather than silver and gold.’’ (Prov 22:1)

BY: Dr. David B.A. Olufon.

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